10 Kinds of People You Find at a Kolkata Nightclub

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After an entire week of cribbing, cursing and weighing the options of quitting our jobs, the weekend is finally here and we surely know what that means. It’s Saturday night baby! It’s time to refresh and reboot. The time to let your hair down and your glass up is finally here and Kolkata surely knows how to party. Going by last week’s response, it seemed like the entire city was dancing to DJ Snake’s tunes and now we are back to square one, club hopping once again to shake that ass. Whoever says that Kolkata is a dead city, has not seen its nightlife. You can come across some crazy shizz here and we couldn’t but notice figuring out the stereotypical genre of people around us at these happening spots.

Listed below are a few of the obvious ones:

1. DJ wale babu mera gaana baja de 


Every nightclub has these patrons who think that the DJ is there only to entertain them. Some come up with lines like ‘bhai plz Punjabi baja na’ and then they take it on themselves to pester the DJ for the rest of the night until he drops that beat for them.

2. ‘I got the moves’ dancer

giphy (14)

They know they can sway in style and grab eye-balls just by those sexy moves. So they flaunt it and become the centre of attraction while everyone secretly envies them and dies a little inside knowing that they can’t afford such swag.

3. The hot chick

giphy (19)

With sleek legs and mesmerizing eyes, they are so attractive that you just feel like telling them ‘tere chehre se nazar nahi hatti nazarey hum kya dekhe’. These beauties are the lifeline of nightclubs, the reason why most guys even bother clubbing. What would a nightclub be without them?  Blame them for the rise in temperature. They take global warming a notch higher with their oomph and pomp.

4. The big daddy 


giphy (25)

The guy with money (loads of it). You know he has the ‘maal’ because he enters with swag, only to fill the tables with expensive liquor later on. He grinds and smacks and might just be your Christian Grey in disguise.

5. Nightclub turns fight club


Almost every party has these characters (read guys) that end up fighting for the silliest of reasons. Among them you would even find a few horrible couple fights that turn ugly by the watch.

6. The free entry

giphy (17)

These are the easiest type to figure out. You would only find them on ladies night all decked up with their girl gang, ready to get sloshed and puke the night away. Their favourite destination in these clubs is the bar where they harass the bartender with screams of ‘one more shot’, the table on which they dance like no one is looking, thereafter they flock to the washrooms and spend the rest of the night there.

7. The extra mushy couple

giphy (23)

They are seen getting cosy on the dance floor sucking into each other’s face with their hands running wild. All we need to tell them is ‘get a room!’

8. The ‘Abla Nari’

giphy (22)

The female who has come with her BFFs that have new found friends who offer them drinks and then they go missing. So now this female, being the introvert type, is all uncomfortable and wants to run home. She is our ‘abla nari’ type who will be offered many drop backs but takes none.

9. Two left legs

giphy (20)

Quite opposite to the great dancers, these ones have the confidence of a lion. Our brave hearts dance their two left feet away unaware & uncaring of the attention they get because of their epic (or not so epic) moves.

10. One night stands

giphy (27)

They’ve just had a breakup and want to swim away from their miseries for some time. So they drown themselves in alcohol and start stalking the opposite gender. Their sole motive is to hook up for the night and wake up to guilt the next morning.

Don’t we love being the midnight children?  Ask the DJ, the club managers and the bouncers what a wonderful crowd we are!


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