This Kite Market At Lebutala Is Your Go-To Destination This Vishwakarma Puja


Remember the days when life’s little joy was about doing simple things— from buying tangy edibles from the the churanwala outside to simply going to Victoria Memorial on Sundays. And one of those simple joys was to fly Kites on Vishwakarma Puja.

Gone are the days when the para kids would run around with kites in their hands filled with joy and excitement. Life has moved on from the simplistic ways to more digitized forms and it’s only the latest tech that amuses us anymore. But Kolkata seems to be one city that has managed to step into the future filled with technology with its root deep in the ground of past.

Kite flying used to be a grand fare in the city, and on any given day one would countless kids and adults alike flying kite from their rooftops. And come Vishwakarma Puja, kite flying becomes a grand affair worth watching and it is no less than a spectacle indeed to see the city’s skyline filled with colourful kites.

Now one would wonder, in this age of tech and all things cool having smitten the gen next where could someone possibly buy kites and all things needed to fly kite. Given the fact that kite flying has become a thing of the past.

Well, We found a full-fledged kite market hustling amidst the cacophony of central Kolkata at Santosh Mitra Square near MoochiPara police station. You will find kites, Kite spools (latais) and threads of all colours, quality, and type at this bustling kite market that surely has better days but still surviving for the love of kite flying.

Some of the shops at this kite market are more than 50 years old and have seen the trade dwindle from its glory days.

Nimal Chandra Path, one of the oldest surviving kite maker at the Lebutala Kite market says that he has made better kites in his younger days when the paper used to make kites were imported from countries as far as Sweden, Germany, and Japan.

And it may be surprising that kite flying is an inexpensive hobby as one can get kites for as low as Rs.1 and the range goes up to Rs.50 for each kite. The Latais or the kite spools come for as low as Rs. 10 and goes as high as Rs. 1500 which are mostly custom made for competition level kite flying.

So this vishwakarma puja you know where to find the perfect kite for the day.   


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