Kolkata Book Fair 2018 Is All Set To Bring Out The Geek in You!


Bibliophiles of Kolkata, unite! Kolkata Book Fair 2018, or as us Bongs lovingly call it, Boi Mela is starting tomorrow and we can’t keep calm! Avid readers of all ages eagerly wait for the Kolkata Book Fair 2018 all year long where they can shop till they drop and go home with bundles of books! 

It is the world’s largest non-trade book fair with a total footfall of over 2 million people annually.

When is it happening?

January 31st to February 11th

What time?

12 noon to 8 PM


Salt Lake stadium

The Boi Mela App that’ll make your life easier!

International Kolkata Book Fair App to be functional from today. It will provide information on bus routes, stall details, routes, parking and more. The app, called IKBF-BMC Car app,  is to be available on Google play store for Android users and App Store for iOS users.

Book fair special buses 

Special buses for the book fair to be available from : 

Howrah station
Dum Dum station
Sealdah station

Security beefed up for Kolkata Book Fair 2018

Security measures for the book fair have been beefed up this year. There are nine gates at the fair and they have been divided into four zones. Each zone has an anti molestation and anti snatching squad, ready to help if need be. Additionally there’ll be 8 watchtowers and 8 ‘May I Help You’ booths.

Theme Country: France

The focal theme of Kolkata International Book Fair 2018 is France. This year on the occasion of the 70th year of the Indo-France diplomatic relationship, the cultural wing of the French Embassy is organizing the Bonjour India Festival in selected cities of India.
The Bonjour India festival will start at Jaipur and its closing ceremony will be held at the 42nd Kolkata International Book Fair 2018.

Big shout out to Bangladesh

There will be 42 Bangladesh themed stalls at Kolkata Book Fair 2018.

February 3rd will be observed as Bangladesh Day at the book fair!  A seminar on War and Liberation will also be held.

Bangladesh’s increased presence in Kolkata Book Fair 2018 is done to strengthen diplomatic relations between the two neighbouring nations.

Hiked prices 

All this excitement aside, there is a bit of a bummer to this year’s book fair. Due to GST, prices of books at Kolkata Book Fair 2018 will be increased by 25%. This is because a printer has to pay 28% GST while buying raw materials, but can only charge 12% while delivering the books to the publisher. The publisher then sends the printed material to the binder who then charges 18%-20% while supplying the books. Hence they have no choice but to hike the selling prices of the books to keep the business alive!

Click here to check out the official website of Kolkata International Book Fair 2018.

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