Adda Just Became Premium! – Kolkata, Say Hello to Coffee Day Square


Now if you’re from Kolkata, you know that hanging out with friends and family at the first opportunity of chilling is an inseparable part of our culture!

And if you’re anything close to the roots of the city, you’ve also got to accept the subtle manner in which the city slowly, subconsciously turns you into a foodie.

Strangely enough though, hanging out and digging into quality food somehow doesn’t go hand-in-hand in Kolkata!

To elaborate, while a cup of coffee is your company during a hangout session, a fine-dining won’t really have you whiling away the hours with your squad! – And that has been a menace from time immemorial in Kolkata!

But hold up!
Kolkata now has an ultimate hangout destination that can serve as an exquisite café and also an innovative gourmet restaurant at the same time.

Ta  Daaa!!

Coffee Day Square is here to save the day by satisfying your need for an Adda session with friends over one of the best dining experiences that the city has to offer.

Coffee Day Square observes the highest standards of service and offers a one-of-a-kind experience to the Indian diner. The café is refined and minimalist in design, while the furniture is eclectic and contemporary.

coffee day square

Kolkata has always been a huge fan of Café Coffee Day and will now fall in love all over again with Coffee Day Square.

Not Just a Café!

Coffee Day Square is set in warm tones that is inviting to all coffee enthusiasts.
The Huddle Room’, an 8-seater meeting room with VC facility is perfect for those looking for a corporate meeting or a low-key get together.


If you hop in for a coffee at Coffee Day Square, their brilliant series of Single Origin Coffees are sure to take you on a trip around the world. Each of the single origin coffee is made with a mix of ingredients that are exclusively found only in one particular area, whether that is in a high mountain valley in Costa Rica or whether it is from a tree grown in Ethiopia. Each of these coffees have such a unique blend and taste of their own, it is impossible to get that anywhere else in Kolkata.

Square Where?

Spread luxuriously across 4500 sq. feet, the new Coffee Day Square stands as one of the largest coffee shops in the country!

Located conveniently at Park Street, the favourite street of the city just gave us another reason to fall in love with it.

Now you know a lot can actually happen over coffee!

coffee day squareThey also come with recommendations of the kind of dishes they are best paired with, so that you know exactly how you can get the full experience of enjoying each of these coffees.

Not Just Coffee

Coffee Day Square also has many other refreshing beverages for you such as their classic teas and signature coffees on the hot side and even spritzers and granitas on the cool side.

coffee day square They can be best enjoyed with each and every item on their vast gourmet menu. Starting from the juiciest burgers and wraps to authentic oriental bowls and even more delicious steaks, they have it all for you. If you are in the mood for some all-time classic munchies, you can take your pick from momos, nachos, tamales or even the melting pot cheese fondue.

coffee day square

Did someone say Dessert?

Their dessert menu will surely make your sweet tooth the happiest it has ever been. Their sundaes, brownies and cakes are the perfect cherry on top to a lovely meal here at Coffee Day Square. Not just the flavours, but the warm and welcoming environment will make you want to come back again and again.

coffee day square

Coffee Day Square is sure to become the one-stop destination for any coffee person or foodie in Kolkata. So don’t forget to drop by Coffee Day Square in Park Street for an unforgettable gourmet dining and experience the best coffee in the world like never before.

coffee day square


Whether you wish to relax with a morning coffee or dine more formally, whether it’s a heart-warming signature meal or a selection of sweet treats, whether it’s the hot sip or cold brews, Coffee Day Square is the ideal location for an exemplary global culinary treat in town.


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