Did You Know Kolkata is Having Its Own Comic Convention? – Kolkata Comic Carnival


Kolkata Comic Carnival is a venture started by a group of comic and manga enthusiasts who wanted to bring the magical world of comics (manga, movies, anime, etc.) closer to the City of Joy. So get ready to suit up as your favourite character, meet the artists of your favourite comics and see the biggest stars of the comic world in their upcoming 3 day event next month. Here’s your guide to the world of Comic Conventions If you’re a newbie like us!

What is a comic carnival? What is one essentially required to do at such events?

A comic carnival is basically a convention for comics, related movies, anime, manga and artists. It is a platform to demonstrate one’s talent at comics-making and taste of comics. You can come in as dressed up as your favourite comic-character, take part in various competitions taking place, enjoy comicthemed music, food, beverages and a lot more. . Essentially, one comes in to “live the dream”.

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How would you define a cosplay?

CosPlay, contracted from the term ‘Costume Roleplay’, is the practice of getting dressed up as one’s favourite characters from comics or manga. The Japanese era of CosPlay started with the launch of Comiket in 1975. Although, kasou was an existing Japanese term for dressing up, people needed something to describe this new trendy concept. Thus, the word ‘CosPlay’ was invented.

In Kolkata Comic Carnival, we have a panel of famous cosplayers ready to judge the people coming in to CosPlay. The judges include Jacqueline Goehner, Niha Novacaine, Rheality Lapse, Akanksha Sachan, and Colour me Aorin.

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How deep is the comic book culture in Kolkata?

People residing in the city of joy are genuinely interested in Comics and related movies. When we were planning on having this carnival, we visited different places to seek the public opinion. And there was one thing common, people were truly yearning for a ‘comic-con’ in Kolkata. Further, we personally met some reputed people who read comics/ manga on a regular basis and they further motivated us to go ahead with this idea.

Tell us about the team.

The guy who proposed the idea of this carnival in the first place was Saptashwa Bandyopadhayay. He is currently the head of the team. The rest of the team comprises of a group of young and like-minded people who want to see this plan succeed. Furthermore, we are supported and mentored by professional event managers and ex-members of comic-cons happening in other parts of the country.

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Where do you see this culture going in Kolkata?

Now there’s finally a comic carnival happening in the city, people would take further interest in comic and manga. We hope to make Kolkata Comic Carnival an annual event, so that people can join in every year and be a part of the three-day extravaganza.

Having already had three pre-gigs namely

( a ) Butterbeer Tasting Ceremony (Harry Potter related); 24.06.2016

( b ) Animela (Anime and Manga related); 09.07.2016

( c ) Kolkata Pokewalk; 17.07.2016

And having whole-hearted participation from the people of Kolkata and even from outskirts, we truly believe that people are truly interested.



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