All You Need To Know To Brace Yourself For The Much Awaited Kolkata Eye


Kolkata has always been a fan of giving us wanderlust goals right here in the city. Starting from the Big Ben tower in Lake Town and the Seven Wonders in Eco Park, if you think it doesn’t get any better than this, then you have another thought coming!

Travel-lovers in Kolkata and everyone else will definitely be happy to know that our Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is bringing Kolkata one more step closer to London with the Kolkata Eye coming very soon!

What is the Kolkata Eye, you ask?

Just like River Thames has its very own London Eye, the giant Ferris Wheel that is popular all across the world, River Hooghly will soon be able to boast of its very own Kolkata Eye! The view of the skyline and the Hooghly river from the top of the Ferris Wheel will be something you have never seen before in the city. The entire structure of the Kolkata Eye will be made of steel and parts of it are planned to be built on-site.

When can we expect to see the Kolkata Eye?

The project is estimated to be complete in the year 2020.

Some fun facts about the Kolkata Eye!

  • The preliminary project cost is estimated to be 400 crore rupees
  • The entire giant wheel of the Kolkata Eye is planned to stand at a height of 135m

  • The Kolkata Eye will have around 60 tubes and each of those tubes will have space of maximum 10 people
  • The wheel will take around 45 minutes to 50 minutes to complete one complete round.

All of these features are made to mimic the London Eye very accurately and people in Kolkata will soon be able to experience the thrill of riding the giant Ferris Wheel right here in their home-town.

Who is in charge of this giant project?

The construction of this giant Kolkata Eye is now being managed by Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority and they had to overcome quite a few bumps in the road with environmental issues to keep this project going.

Recently, they have appointed a transaction advisor to boost this project and also generate the model on which the Ferris Wheel will be made along with the entire cost of the project and a revenue generation model.


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