All The Members of This Kolkata-Family Share The Same Birthday! Here’s More About Them.


We at Beacon Kolkata always proclaim that us Bengalis are a unique bunch of people. And like always, we back that up something truly extraordinary. This is one such case too. The most peculiar one we’ve come across in a long time!

Remember looking up the papers as a kid to see which famous personality you shared your Birthday with? Well, imagine sharing the same birthdate with your wife/husband. Okay! Not that extraordinary maybe. Wait up there. Now imagine sharing the same birthdate with your spouse and child! Bam…Unique isn’t it?

We’ll let that sink in for a while.

Meet Mr Saumitra Bose and his family. The Bose’s are truly unique in the way as Mr Bose, his wife and their daughter were all born on the 11th of October.

We caught up with the family to know more.


Can you share the exact birth dates of your family with us?

I, Saumitra Bose was born on 11.10.1960. My wife Sujata Bose on 11.10.1965 and our daughter Ritwika Bose on 11.10.1992


Did you know about the coincidence of your wife holding the same birthdate as yours before your marriage?

I only got to know about my wife and me sharing the same birth date during our courtship period.


Can you tell us about the coincidence of your daughter being born on the same date too?
Was it planned?

When Ritwika, our daughter was due to be born, the doctor had given us the due date of 18th October. But it so happened the due to certain conditions and gods wish, we were blessed with a daughter on 11th of October itself.



What was your reaction and your family’s reaction when your daughter was born on the same date as yours?

I still fetch for words when I’m asked to describe the feeling. I was speechless to say the least!
We sincerely believe it was gods will for all this to happen


Do you know of any other such family that shares the coincidence of the same birthdates?

No one else that I know of shares this particular uniqueness. But there is this gentleman I know of- Mr Amit Bhattacharya, but in his case, only him and his wife share the same birth date.


How is the birthday of all 3 of you celebrated every year?

Quite unlike the wonderful element of the coincidence, we have not always been fortunate enough to be together to celebrate our Birthdays. But, this time though, after 10 years, we celebrated our birthdays together.


What is the funniest/ weirdest comment that you’ve ever received from someone regarding this birthdate coincidence?

Oh there have been many. From ‘We can’t give you 3 gifts on one day’ to ‘You cannot get away by treating us just once a year’ and the most popular one ‘This is not allowed. We want 3 parties!’, the list goes on and on.


Please tell us a little about yourself, your profession

I’m from Kolkata, my family lives here. I work in Himalaya Pharmaceuticals, I’m the Manager of Scientific Services there. My wife is a home-maker and daughter is in college and recently landed a job!


With special thanks to Mr Deep Banerjee for helping us find this unique family


  1. My sister missed this chance in 2005, and was born 11 days after my birthday. I am 10 years older than her, and we don’t have another sibling. My birthday is on 17th October, and her is on 28th October. When the month of October comes, a huge amount of money is spent on our birthdays.


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