Kolkata Gate Is Finally Open & We Can’t Wait to Visit


When the gigantic iron rods of the Kolkata Gate started getting put-up, the entire city got inquisitive!
What was it going to be? Just a structure? A view-point? An office maybe?
But hey, what do we in Kolkata love the most? Yep, you guess it right! The love for food couldn’t stay far behind from a structure of such architectural marvel.

There’s going to be a restaurant at the Kolkata Gate!

Putting all speculations and rumours to end, news quickly spread that there’s going to be a restaurant at the Kolkata Gate and when we witnessed the gigantic Kolkata Gate all lit up earlier this week, we were awestruck by the view!

About the Kolkata Gate

The Kolkata Gate is mammoth construction of 70 tons of steel at a cost of INR 25 crore.

This gate will be about 55 meters in height and the restaurant will be at a height of 25 meters.

The tunnel on the Gate will be decorated with several photographs of representing Bengal’s culture while the outer part of the entire tunnel will be covered with light. The central part will be the logo of Biswa Banga.


From the idea of Visitor’s Gallery in Paris’s Eiffel Tower and hanging restaurant in Malaysia and HIDCO has built this gate and hanging restaurant.

Firhad Hakim, the Minister of the Urban and Urban Development said- This arrangement was a pleasure for the common man. 

Disclaimer: After repeated attempts to contact the authorities at HIDCO, we could not get any affirmative opening date from them.


  1. I want to know the full information regarding the new hanging restaurant in kolkata named as ‘The Biswa bangal gate’ plz share with me the full info regarding that restaurant.


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