What Happens When Stalwarts Come Together For Common Good? KOLKATA GIVES! Here’s How You Can Be a Part Of It


Now the big bad world out there doesn’t always let us be in our kindest, jolliest forms does it?

Be it fighting for the seat in the bus or being forced to jump a queue because everyone around you is doing so, there are always those little elements in the day that force us to become cold and forcefully selfish.

As days pass, the more dirt we are thrown into, the more cold we become to come out of it.

Before you realize it, the fight for the seat in the bus turns into the fight for the corner office, for the highest pay cheque turning into the fight for the longest car.

It doesn’t end there, we fight to make sure our great-grand child can afford a vacation in Australia and it just goes on and on.

Till one fine day it strikes you, you remember about the big bad person who occupied your seat on the bus on the first day to work; and all of a sudden you realize that you’ve become that person yourself!

Yes, the world takes the kind hearted you and makes you into a seat-grabbing, queue jumping, excel-sheet-manipulating shrewd individual!

It’s Okay. It happens.

Now, what if we tell you that it is proven that no matter how bad your day is going, an act of kindness is sure to give you 100% Return On Investment!

What if we tell you that it is never too late to do good, to be kind again, to make life positive again!

And if an opportunity to do good is what you seek, then you are at the right place!

How you may ask?

Presenting Kolkata Gives


Kolkata Gives Exhibition is a philanthropic platform which looks to bridge the gap between the NGOs and donors from the influential segment of the society.

It has a strict criterion through which 15 NGOs have been selected. In order to ensure credibility and transparency, the set of criteria includes balance sheet, hunger to grow, sector wise potential and professionalism, sustainability and scalability.


The selected NGOs are well disbursed into different field of special requirements such as Mental Disorder, Child Trafficking, Education, Health Care, Gender Equality among others.

Every year along with monetary donation, donation in-kind is also made. Donors who come to the exhibition get to know each other and inspire one another to donate more. Donors get to have hands on experience of NGOs of their activities which makes it more credible and establishes long term relationships.


Kolkata Gives Exhibition attempts to promote grass root level NGOs doing credible work.

12716331_925913807456235_7833565712875672746_oWhat is special about Kolkata Gives?

Kolkata Gives is not just another awareness platform. With stalwarts from various fields coming together for a common good, Kolkata Gives is a powerhouse of life-long learnings of individuals who have made it big in their own ways

From ace realtors to CSR experts to media masterminds, Kolkata Gives is a living example of how the world can change when people who matter come together for common good.

Stalwarts in action

Mr.Pawan Agarwal

Director of N.K. Realtors, the largest realty company in Eastern India. Despite his busy schedule he is actively associated with different philanthropic projects.

Mr. Saurav Dugar

Currently a part of the promoter family of PS Group, one of the most credible real estate companies in Kolkata. A young and dynamic business entrepreneur, Saurav Dugar feels that interventions in the social sector involve dedication and networking.

Ms. Mukti Gupta

One of the most dynamic woman entrepreneurs in Eastern India. Mukti Gupta is a part of the promoter family of Mukti World and Park Plaza Hotel in Kolkata

 Mr.Anant Nevatia

Prominent real estate developer for more than 15 years who one day said ‘enough’. Now provides primary healthcare to more than 20,000 rural Bengal patients….a month.

Mr. Mudar Patherya

Garbage cleaner. Garden-restorer. Stock market analyst. CSR columnist. Corporate communications consultant. Mudar believes that it is the small everyday instances of philanthropy that can kick-start movements and make the world a better place.

Mr. Mahesh Pansari

Mahesh Pansari, Director of Primarc Projects Pvt. Ltd. has vast experience and profound knowledge about the real estate industry. He brings on board his unique vision, management practices and global approach for augmenting the function, expansion, diversification and management of the organization

Mr.Shyam Sunder Agarwal

CEO of Himalaya Paper Company. Himalaya Paper Company is the merchant of paper and Paper Board. It represents Messrs M/s. JK Paper Ltd., M/s Emami Paper Ltd and M/s Trident Limited. Other group companies are involved in manufacturing and export of CI Engineering Products.

Mr. Mudit Kumar Bagla

Vasu Publicity was floated by Mr. Mudit Kumar Bagla in the year 1999 as an advertising agency specialising in print media releases.

Mr.Chittranjan Chaudhury

Owner of CDC Printers- one of Kolkata’s fastest growing and among the most respected printing houses. His expertise in the field along with his passion for philanthropy helps take Kolkata Gives initiatives forward.

Not just big talk

NGOs associated with Kolkata Gives pass through an array of filtration procedures to check their credibility and grass root presence before being welcomed on board!

Here’s the list of the NGOs that are a part of Kolkata Gives 2017

Calcutta Social Project Education www.calcuttasocialproject.net
OFFER Health Care www.offerindia.org
Tiljala Shed Education & Empowerment www.tished.org
Antara Disability www.antaraglobal.org
Alzheimers and Related Disorder Society of India Geriatrics www.ardsikolkata.org
Thakurpukur Cancer Hospital Health Care www.cancercentrecalcutta.org
Anwesha Disability www.anweshakolkata.org
Pace Universal Education & Empowerment www.paceuniversal.org
Disha Foundation Education & Empowerment www.disha-foundation.com
Kamdebpur Rural Development Society Rural Development www.krdsindia.ngo
Baikuntha Tarun Sangha Rural Development www.bts-india.in
Sanjog Trafficking & Empowerment www.sanjogindia.org
Samaritan Help Mission Education www.samaritanhelpmission.org
Parivaar Education www.parivaar.org
Dhyan Foundation Animal Welfare www.dhyanfoundation.com


KG Book 1920x1080How can you be a part of it?

Well, the ticket to the event is in itself a donation card.

Here’s the link to it:



It’s never too late to do good


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