This is How 2015 Went by for Kolkata. We Are Sure You Didn’t Remember No. 3


Kolkata in 2015 has been a year of mixed flavours for Kolkata. As the year staggers towards its end, we take a glance at the year that just went by in Kolkata in 2015.

‘Sanitary Pad’ campaign reaches JU from Jamia

Kolkata in 2015

Inspired by the campaign held by the young activists of Jamia Millia Islamia University protesting against sexism and the age-old taboo regarding menstruation, on March 2015, a group of Jadavpur University enthusiasts took the city by storm by the numberless feminist messages written on sanitary pads which they put up across the campus. Rebellion seems to run through the veins of this 60 year old institution.

City quakes towards Doom’s Day

Kolkata in 2015

The Nepal earthquake sent tremors to the City of Joy causing cracks and faults at its various corners. Geologists went on to unravel a faultline just 4.5 km below the city which would cause Kolkata near its end every time it quakes.

Horror dwells at 3 Robinson Street

Kolkata in 2015

June turned out to be a grotesque month for Kolkata when the cops stumbled upon a man living with skeletons of his sister and two dogs while investigating what seemed to be a mere case of suicide. The case of Partha De emerged with incestuous and cannibalistic aspects, re-establishing that fact is indeed stranger than fiction.

A crore per hour

Kolkata in 2015

August saw Rs. 20, 07, 50, 000, in cash, in 20 hours. Recovered from the residence of a municipality engineer in Bally, Howrah, the entire amount was hidden in 6 rooms below floor tiles, unused washbasin and the likes.

Netaji files released for public access

Image Source: Google
Image Source: Google

Chief minister Mamata Banerjee took a major step towards resolving the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s death mystery by declassifying 64 important files and exposing them to public access in September.

The Parama flyover

Parama Flyover

Ms. Banerjee gifted the city her newest artery- the Parama Flyover connecting EM bypass with Park Circus just on the eve of Durga Puja.

Pujo at Deshapriya Park

Durga Puja Deshapriya Park

This year the city was frenzied by the 80 feet tall Durga idol at Deshapriya Park, the tallest in the world. But it had to be shut down on Panchami itself when the uncontrollable craze caused a near-stampede situation turning it to the worst festive nightmare in decades.

And a soul shall finally rest in peace

Kolkata in 2015

The passing year offered a ray of hope and smile to numerous faces as the rapists of Suzette Jordan were held convicts. Suzette died of encephalitis earlier this year but her soul shall rest in peace now as the year fades into a new beginning.


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