This Is How 2016 Went By For Kolkata. No 11 Is Very Close To Our Hearts




‘Life is a race’ as we often hear some self-proclaimed lecturers say.
Well we don’t know what race they are talking about but for most of us, this year has zoomed past and how!  I am all for speed but in this cacophony, as we approach the finish line of 2016, let us just take a quick moment to rewind a little and remember some of the good and bad things that occurred in our city, Kolkata which left us flabbergasted and dumbstruck.


Sambia Sohrab hit and run, running, still running? case



 Pic courtesy: Hindustan Times.


2016 did not start on a very positive note as Kolkata woke up in the morning of January 13th to news of Sambia Sohrab ploughing his luxurious Audi into three barricades before entering into Red Road and killing Air Force officer Abhimanyu Gaud who was participating in a rehearsal for the upcoming Republic Day parade. Kolkata police have been efficient and showed us that no matter how powerful a family you may belong to, you will have to pay for your crime. Let’s hope they keep up the efficiency in the years to come.




The incident that left every person in Kolkata gasping with shock and bowing their head in shame, the unforgettable video of the Vivekananda flyover partially collapsing over 26 lives on 31 March 2016 is still fresh in our minds. The so called ‘act of God’ has left us in fear of any such occurrences again, so much so, that we started looking for cracks in every flyover.

2Pic courtesy:

Not to be preachy, but more than a year before the incident, we had taken up the issue of our flyovers getting weak due to the immense delay in construction procedures. Here’s the link to that flagship story.

Carnival of Rust – A story on the slow construction of flyovers in Kolkata and its impact


Also, we pointed out how the tragedy brought together different people from all the communities, age groups and professions of Kolkata together.

You Can Crush Kolkata Under a Flyover But You Can’t Crush the Spirit of Kolkatans



Kolkata police have been at their active best this year by introducing the ‘no helmet no petrol’ initiative under the ‘safe drive save life’ campaign. This rule forbids petrol pumps from selling fuel to motorcyclists without helmets. So finally we are starting to believe that ‘safety is sexy’ after all who would look sexy with a smashed skull, eeeww!


3Pic courtesy: google

Here’s the link to a short reality check we conducted a week into the campaign’s implementation

No Helmet No Petrol – You Can Take A Donkey To The Water But You Can’t Make Him Drink



ABESH DASGUPTA Price of Expensive celebrations?

4Pic courtesy: quint

July, 2016 brought in the news of a 17 year old boy Abesh Dasgupta found bleeding from multiple injuries at the Sunny Park residential complex where he attended a birthday party after which he was found fatally injured (allegedly injured by an alcohol bottle). Later succumbing to his injuries he died on the way to the hospital. His family is still awaiting justice while we, having gone on long processions seeking justice, are now awaiting the New Year with our long list of resolutions among which justice for Abesh is blatantly forgotten.





Pic courtesy: gadget360

This game app saw a surge in virtual hunters across the globe but here, in Kolkata the fizz died out pretty soon. It was like a blink and miss performance. I guess ‘lyadh’ just got the better of us.
Fun fat: Pokemon Go officially released in India just a few weeks ago. Yup. No one cared!

 MOCAMBO khush nahi hua


Pic courtesy: theindianexpress

Mocambo khush (nahi) hua when the social media circuit in Kolkata was outraged after a woman who visited this restaurant was denied entry because she was there with her driver, who apparently didn’t meet the required restaurant’s standards. Post which, she wrote a long post on facebook sharing her experience and how she was humiliated in front of everyone for trying to do good. A lot of people began sharing her post and within no time it went viral.

If you were outraged too, you should check out what we did to tackle a similar situation a year before.

Furious At The Mocambo Restaurant Incident? Here’s What You Can Do About It!



Red road Puja parade

Pujas in Kolkata is an exhilarating experience. And with the world looking for a spot if the city, it becomes next to impossible to see all the major pujas in town, but worry not! Our honourable CM Mamata Banerjee, had it all sorted as she arranged for all the award winning pujas to parade through Red Road, thereby giving everyone the opportunity to get a spectacular view before they were immersed.

8Pic courtesy:india blooms


FANUSHI 4.0- Setting an example


Fanushi-4.0 took Kolkata by storm on Diwali. It was an initiative taken up by Calcutta Instagrammers and Streets of Calcutta to celebrate a pollution-free ‘green Diwali’ by lighting up the city sky with beautiful hand-painted sky lanterns instead of bursting fire crackers.


We were fortunate to be associated with the wonderful event. Here’s all you need to know about Fanushio 4.0

We All Loved Fanushi 4.0; But Do You Know About The Heroes Who Made It All Happen?




The world’s No.1 DJ, came to the city of joy, for Sunburn Kolkata 2016, at Aquatica. Kudos to all of you who experienced his magical beats and shook your body to his tremors, while others were stomping, pumping and grinding to his ‘animal’ and ‘name of love’. And for the unfortunate ones like me, better luck if there is a next time.


DEMONITIZATION – The word of the year!


Pic courtesy:

The night of November 8th, 2016 was epic and unforgettable at least in our lifetime. We are going to be a ‘corruption free country from the New Year’.  Good luck to that. Well, this decision might have been a nuclear bomb to the old high denomination notes but on the flip side, it is a proud feeling to see even the smallest vendors accepting Paytm payments. It’s like, all of a sudden, we are in a more digital and educated India.  Need I mention the cons?


Kolkata loses 2 legendary men

Well, these two events sure didn’t make it to the news, but Kolkata quietly lost two legendary men very close to our hearts

Mr Motwani, who had worked at the Oxford Bookstore, Park Street for more than 67 years passed away in November, leaving the teeming book shelves of the Bookstore forever waiting for him. Soon after, legendary Jazz musician Carlton Kitto left for his heavenly abode.

We are sure that there is a special space in heaven filled with books and music for these gentlemen. We miss them.

The untold story of Mr. Motwani


Jazz Music Survives In Kolkata In The Form Of This 73 Year Old Man – The Story of Carlton Kitto




The India Speed Week 2016 (ISW) was a three day extravaganza celebrating speed, adrenaline and glamour. It brought together, for the very first time, drag racing teams and speedsters across various automobile segments and categories, to Kolkata.

ISW 2016 placed Kolkata on the national and international airstrip racing phenomena.

India Speed Week – The Kolkata Perspective


That brings us the end of the year and its happenings. Let’s hope the year end proves to be a happy and eventful one indeed.
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017.


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