Kolkata & Kochuri – An Eternal Love Story. Here’s The List Of Kolkata’s Favourite Kochuri Places




Now we all know that Feluda could have quite easily solved all those peculiar twisted cases on his own with all his swag intact. But imagine Feluda without his Charminar cigarette and the eternal charm of the city’s favourite character dwindles.

That dear friends is what the Kochuri (Kachori) is to Kolkata. The constant support in all situations. The best thing to happen to us every morning.

Needless to say, the Kochuri (Kachori) has ruled our taste buds for years now and left us in total awe of the wonderous recipes Bengal has tucked away in its bags.

Be it a solo traveller or a family vacation, be it a resident or a student here for further studies, hardly a day goes by without gorging on the infamous ‘Kochuri’ of Kolkata.

As the piping hot, round and inflated circles bursting with flavour are transferred into the vessels for sale, a certain level of excitement is certain to seep into your gullet as you engage yourself in a foodgasm of the utmost level.

Embellished with a zing of ‘hing’ and adorned with ‘kasuri methi’, the secret spices give your taste pallets a glimpse of nirvana with each bite. Craving some yet? Let’s check out the best places in the city of joy where you can savour some of the best Kochuri (Kachori).



Most certainly the queen of all Kachori shops, tucked away in a cosy corner in Deshapriya Park, Maharani is an absolute must visit place on your Kolkata bucket list. The shop opens in the wee of dawn and has customers flocking to them from near and far just to be able to soak in the delicious and mind boggling flavours on a cold winter morning. A heads up to the prices that are so low that all you have to do is carry a few pennies but go back with full and happy tummies.

From customers arriving in the longest BMWs to cycling down on the oldest bicycle, Kolkata unites at Maharani!

maharajaPocket pinch: A plate costs Rs 14.



If the bustling crowds are making you claustrophobic, weave your way through to the adjacent footpath to Maharaja in Deshapriya Park located a few seconds walk away from Maharani. If Maharani is the queen of all Kachoris, Maharaja is the reigning king. The Kachoris here should never go amiss as they couple up best with a hot cut of special tea. Have you ever experienced a sense of satisfaction through food? Not yet? Then do drop by this hot spot for a the most splendid Kachoris in Kolkata.

maharaja1Pocket pinch: A plate costs Rs 14.


Tasty Corner

Ekdalia Durga Puja is never complete for the average Kolkattan without grabbing a quick bite from the local star shop, Tasty Corner that has a myriad range of goodies for your pallet but what stands out are the fresh Kachoris that are a sheer treat for the olfactory senses. We’ve all heard variety is the spice of life, and at Tasty Corner, spices are the variety. You name it they have it, with Hing Kachori ,Matar kachori  and paneer kachori adding laurels to the shop. Luchi  sabzi also stands tall as the evergreen breakfast for all foodies.


Pocket pinch: Hing Kachori and Luchi sabzi are priced at Rs 10, Matar Kachori is priced at Rs 30 a plate and Paneer Kachori is priced at Rs 40 a plate.


Arun tea stall

Sitting high on the charts, this tiny tea shop on Theater Road has been food goals for all students at St Xavier’s and has seen other college students swarm to it like bees. Why wouldn’t they? The pocket friendly club kachoris and hing kachoris are such a delight to gorge on after a boring lecture. The highlight of the Kachoris are its size. The tiny inflated balls of dough packing hing within it are the most succulent and delectable Kachoris you will ever devour.


Pocket pinch: Priced at Rs 30 for club kachoris and Rs 40 for hing Kachoris.


Sharma Tea Stall

Nobody is a fan of standing on the street while eating, but this outlet will have you wolfing away the best Kachoris in Kolkata within a few seconds. Bhawanipur has been lit throughout the year as the Sharma Tea shop here is easily accessible and is excellent for a quick bite. If you are a gourmand and are on a food walk, when in Kolkata, never miss this stall. Balwant Singh Dhaba just close to Sharma will cater to your ‘Doodh cola’ needs.

sharmaPocket pinch: Rs 10 for a single piece.


Putiram Sweets

We all know those few classmates who attend college just to be able to weave their way into the canteens for the sumptuous food. College street has seen students and their folks rush to Putiram Sweets for the same reasons. The sizzling hot Kachoris that are seeped out are every food lovers first love. A bite of the Kachoris here and you are definitely transported to food heaven.


Picture: Wikimapia

Pocket pinch: Rs 7 for a Kochuri


Sri Hari

Last, but in no possible way the least, this 105 year old shop is a legend in itself. This ‘mistanna bhandar’ is ironically loved more for its Kochuri than for its sweets and no one can complain too!

3-img_9087-for-website-sree-hariPocket pinch: Rs 6 for a Kochuri

Thus when in doubt, think no further. Treat yourself to a pocket friendly and finger licking good breakfast at these Kolkata hot spots. We promise you, you will definitely be left licking your fingers, craving for more.

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  1. u missed manik dar kochuri in Bhowanipur. perhaps the only place that offers u daal and sabji together with hing kochuri with unforgettable taste.

  2. There’s one to the left when you come down Sealdah railway station flyover…established in 1948..a very modest vendor, I asked him “what’s the name of your shop” he said, “Yahan aake Lalaji ka dukaan puchiye, batadenge”… a serving of four piping hot kachuri with aloo sabzi..two gulab jamun and two jalebi costed me less than twenty five….lip smacking

  3. The mostfamous kachuri shop is Mohon on S.N.Bannerjee road,where Amitabh ji comes to.have them when he is in.kolkata.you get the original taste of kachuri n alur tarkari at this shop

  4. The street shop near the Hazra-Khidderpore auto stand in opposite to Jatin Das Park is a a fantasy and it comes with the most awesome lonka r chatni you can get your hands on.. or lips on..

  5. street kachories all over in kolkata, as well as each narrow lane are famous.. the small round shaped food behind from the glass are always mouthwatring.

  6. Does the author know that there are several parts in Kolkata, apart from the Southern part only, that produce same, if not better, quality Kochuri?

  7. Changgani kachodi in barabazar is also very famous for its deliciously hot and spicy kachodi. It is mainly located in kalakar Street, a very small shop but equally could give competition to others.
    Pocket pinch-20/ plate

  8. Like to add Surendranath Dey of Ganesh Talkies for their delicious Clun kachori in the morning,do go before 9 am or it will be finished by then and in the evening Radhaballavi 5pm to 6.30 pm They have a fix quota for everyday,so the taste and quality is maintained .Do give a try Beside Bhim nag sweets near Ganesh Talkies.

  9. Like to add Surendranath Dey of Ganesh Talkies for their delicious Club kachori in the morning,do go before 9 am or it will be finished by then and in the evening Radhaballavi 5pm to 6.30 pm They have a fix quota for everyday,so the taste and quality is maintained .Do give a try Beside Bhim nag sweets near Ganesh Talkies.


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