Here’s All The Munchies You Need To Try Out This Kolkata Monsoon!


The Kolkata monsoon is definitely a sweet relief from the scorching summer heat, but the heavy downpour and the overcast shadows can sometimes bring you down. When you wake up in the morning to waterlogged streets or the weather just doesn’t make you want to leave the house, you desperately need some delicious treats to lift up your mood. Here are some of the best food you can find on the streets of Kolkata that to truly enjoy the spirits of this monsoon.

Here is how you can make the most of the Kolkata monsoon!

Kochuri and Dal from Bhawanipur –

The sweet kochuri and daal combo is one of a kind. Your diet can take a back seat while you gorge on this delicious dish in Bhawanipur. This is only kind of breakfast that will make you want to get out of bed even in the rain, just so that you can get your hands on these.

Daaler Bora from Rabindra Sarobar  –

When you’re caught in the heavy rain and you are sulking in a shade waiting for the rain to calm down, the yummy daaler bora are sure to make you feel better. The spicy masala and the tangy chutney with the daaler bora is the perfect companion when you want to take a stroll near the Rabindra Sarobar Lake in the Kolkata monsoon.

Momos from Exide Crossing –

In the morning or evening rush of running to and back from work, these piping hot momos will make you want to take a break and savour the warmth. These steamed momos and soup will definitely tingle your tastebuds and comfort you in the chilly Kolkata monsoon winds.

Paratha and Aloo Matar from Russel Street –

When you’re looking for something simple and warm and you are starting to get tired of the traffic in the rain, look no further than some good old parathas and aloo matar from Russel Street. This wonderful combo will make you want forget about your worries and is a great pick-me-up for when you need that one last push to get your work done.

There are so many hidden treasures like this all over the streets of Kolkata that might get water-logged at times. Kolkata’s street food is surely there for you when you need something to pick up your mood and brighten your day even with an overcast sky above your head.


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