Making Paper Boats in the Kolkata Monsoon reminded us of all the Childhood Memories that we miss now!


Kolkata is starting to get the flavour of monsoon already. The torrential rain is welcomed with open arms as the best relief from the torture of the burning heat. The bad traffic, the waterlogged streets, the power cuts may not exactly be our favourite things to enjoy in this weather, but we all miss the wonderful times we spent during our childhood –

Making paper boats with our friends and families

After the rain stops, we all used to search for that one big puddle or a stream of rain water for our favourite little paper boats. Showing off our origami skills and racing with the boats was one of the best ways to enjoy the monsoon with our friends.

Image Courtesy: UrduPoint

Khichuri and Mach Bhaja 

We always looked forward to mom’s homemade khichuri and ilish mach bhaja during the weekends. The food coma after the delicious lunch gave way to a much deserved afternoon siesta, the best way to spend a lazy monsoon day.

Image Courtesy – Foodievillage

Power cuts

The rain outside was just enough to keep us cool as we would dive right into a good book or huddle together to play a fun board game with your family.

Image Courtesy – Brett Cole Photography

Jumping around in the waterlogged streets 

We might be getting irritated by the rain and the waterlogged streets all around us, but when we were kids, we all loved going against our parents just to jump around in the knee-deep water on our way back from school. We might get scolded by our mother for dirtying the school uniform but we all know it was worth it.

Image Courtesy – India Today

Playing Muddy Football 

Playing football and outdoor games in the normal weather seemed so boring to us when we saw the playgrounds after a big splash of rain. Kicking around barefoot in the mud and having fun with our friends may not have made the elders in our family very happy but those days were definitely the best days of our childhood.

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Colourful raincoats and umbrellas

A nice break from our boring old school uniforms was our colourful and quirky raincoats which all of us liked showing off. Some of our friends even sported some funky umbrellas and boots to keep dry in the monsoon rain.

Image Courtesy – Breaking News

No matter how much we hated our school and studying, we all wish we could go back to the carefree days of our childhood where we could enjoy our rainy city without having to worry about adulting!


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