Justice Delivered in an Auto – Here’s How Kolkata Police Used Auto Rickshaws To Ensure A Smooth Diwali


While a chunk of the city was bitten by the ‘Fanush’ buzz, there were still many preferring noise and sound over lights in Kolkata.

Take the example of the elderly woman, Anjali Ghosh whose house on Ballygunge was stoned because she had raised her voice against the blaring music after 10pm. Or an elderly couple in Park Circus area who spent a sleepless night like countless others because of the noisy crackers.

Mr Rashid, a resident of Palm Avenue area was a victim of a cracker bursting right next to him as he stepped out of his house, the kids however fled before any action could be taken. Upon re-attaining his grip, Mr Rashid told us, “We are always looking for an excuse to burst loud crackers, be it Shab e baraat or Diwali loud crackers really unite Kolkata but this is one unity that is expensive for the elderly like me”

However, this year, spearheaded by police commissioner Rajeev Kumar himself, Kolkata Police did a splendid job in tackling the menace of noise and air pollution on Diwali.


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And a huge part of the operation being successful was the covert plan of patrolling areas and localities in Autos instead of their official vehicles. Yes, you read that right, our policemen carried out inspections and raids after having drawn a map of noise-prone areas in Kolkata.

The Idea

Usually, upon hearing or seeing a police vehicle approaching, offenders bursting loud crackers either flee the spot of dubiously hide the crackers, a junior Park Street station police officer told us “there has been cases earlier when an entire family, on seeing our jeep arrive changed their festive clothes and pretended to play ill by the time we reached their doorstep”

So, this year, armoured with a fleet of 100 autos, Kolkata police was able to catch a number of offenders red-handed

With 7,000 cops and 1,000 volunteers Kolkata Police climbed terraces, risked their lives and seized fire crackers to ensure a safe Diwali for us Kolkattans.


Side Note

As part of small social initiative, team Beacon Kolkata was out on the streets from 11pm to 1am on the night of Kali Puja in Bhowanipore area greeting sergeants and other police men on duty and sharing a light conversation over a bar of Dairy Milk to thank the officers for their efforts.

Feature image courtesy: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/RLhE9ONTKJA/


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