Have You Been a Victim Of A Random Traffic Violation SMS From Kolkata Traffic Police? You’re Not Alone! Here’s Some Help


Kolkata Traffic Police and its SMS alerts for traffic violations have created some hilarious instances for vehicle owners in the city. We track down the victims and also found a solution.

Picture this-

You’re at work from morning, going around office, minding your business when pop comes an SMS on your phone

“WB 09 D XXXX has been prosecuted for Light Signal Violation, at E M BYPASS/DHAPA ROAD/, at 14:47 hrs vide case no- mmPC119971/17 dated 22-NOV-17. For online payment please visit https://kolkatatrafficpolice.net – TEAM KTP”

— Woe, but my vehicle is parked at the office garage!

— How can I get a traffic violation for a parked vehicle?

— Wait a minute! Is my vehicle stolen?!!


You rush nervously to the basement to check but there it is, your vehicle safely parked in the array of other wheeled machines.

You heave a sigh of relief but hold up!

— What on earth was that SMS about?

— Why do I get a fine of Rs200 without no fault of mine?

— What do I do now?


“Tring – Tring”

The phone rings, it’s boss calling!

“Where TF are you? You’re late for the meeting!”

“Yes Sir, on my way!”

And like this, off goes the scenario and you soon forget about it as you talk about the latest PowerDrift video during lunch!

If you own a vehicle in Kolkata, you know what we’re talking about!

Yeah, we’re discussing the often-experienced scenario of getting a random traffic violation case from Kolkata Traffic Police for a reason that you’re completely clueless about!

The good bit

Like explained above, Kolkata Traffic Police has upped its game by dotting surveillance cameras across the city.

From the busiest of crossings to the narrowest of lanes, Kolkata Traffic Police has indeed done a brilliant job in maintaining a smooth flow of traffic throughout the metropolitan city!

Source- Times of India

The speed cams keep the accidents under check and the surveillance cameras play a huge hand in identifying law violating vehicles.

Pssst.. If you want to avoid getting fined because of speed cams, click here to know where the speed cams of Kolkata are.

The bad bit

The only glitch behind this suave initiative by Kolkata Traffic Police is that while surveillance cameras and the Traffic Police Officers otherwise do a brilliant job, often in the haste and chaos of things the registration numbers of the vehicles get mixed up.

The confusion

This is where the enormous confusion crops up!


Well, imagine the registration number of your vehicle is WB 01 QC 8713 but in a blurry/ hurried affair what gets noted down is WB 01 OC 8718

 What ends up happening in this situation is a completely unexpected individual gets penalized for a completely unrelated violation!

The hilarious experiences!

Names of victims withheld

Today morning 21/11/2017 when i woke up from sleep i saw this message in my phone. I am unable to understand when i was sleeping my car was in my garage and keys are in my cupboard so how come my car went to AJC Bose road flyover and got a case of excessive speed. Kindly please cancel the case as all this created harassment for innocent public.


Dear KTP sirs,
Today morning i was greeted by the following sms
“WB06BXXXX has been prosecuted for Light Signal Violation, at E M BYPASS/DHAPA ROAD/, at 14:47 hrs vide case no- mmPC119971/17 dated 15-NOV-17. For online payment please visit https://kolkatatrafficpolice.net – TEAM KTP”

Now the problem here with the sms is not grammatical but meta physical. 
1) I did not travel via em byepass at 14:47 hrs on 15 nov Wednesday
2) I did not travel by my car WB06BXXXX on the day mentioned.
So either my car was self-driving itself on the rainy day or it was stolen and returned back from my enclosed garage without my knowledge. 
Both are haunting and I am now afraid to ride my car 

Do you have any photographic evidence of the same please, because jokes aside this seems a technical glitch.


Dear Sir (Kolkata Traffic Police), I frequently receive SMS in my mobile from Kolkata Traffic Police that I have violated Traffic Rules with Car No. WB02AAXXXX at Prince Anwar Shah Road. Please be informed that neither this Registration Number is mine and nor I went to Prince Anwar Shah Road on those days. Please suggest why I am getting these SMs? Also to inform that I am using this Mobile Number since last 13 years (from 2004). Kindly suggest accordingly.


How to check/pay Kolkata Traffic Police fines online?

Jokes aside, however hilarious these SMSs from Kolkata Traffic Police maybe, they sure are a point of concern as unpaid fines soon turn to court cases with serious fines and penalties

As responsible citizens, it is our duty to keep an active check on all the cases valid/invalid against our vehicles by constantly checking the Kolkata Traffic Police website: https://kolkatatrafficpolice.net/

A simple process 5 step procedure is enough to show you all your pending cases with Kolkata Traffic Police:

Enter Vehicle No.(without any space) *                              

Enter Chassis No.(Last 5 char) *               

Enter Email ID (to get email confirmation)                         

Enter Mobile No.

Enter OTP

It’s that simple!

Citizens Speak

Anjan Sharma

“I’ve been a victim of this confusion by Kolkata Traffic Police twice.
While one was resolved, another still remains to be addressed.
The routes mentioned in one case is one I haven’t taken in months, while on another I’m not convinced the vehicle concerned is mine.”


Sudipto Chowdhury

“It was a tense moment for me when the word was spread about cross-checking penalties by Kolkata Traffic Police online.
While I have no problem with the current system of traffic penalties, I am a little apprehensive about the authenticity of the old cases, for instances the ones that I’d been penalized for a couple of years ago (I have plenty).”


“I’ve been a victim of this system by Kolkata Traffic Police more than once.
There has been an instance when my bike parked in office has received a traffic violation case. I tried following up and resolving the matter but then eventually I found it simpler to just pay the Rs 200 fine and get rid of the problem.”


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  1. I want to send sms reply for the false cases against my vehicle as I don’t stay in Kolkata and specifically for car cases as it is out of order from last 3 years. And motorcycles cases which cannot be as I stay at Jaipur and all impossible dates as I never present for 90% dates. So tell me how to convey the message as I come once or twice in a year for 2 to 3 days for specific occasions.
    Please guide me as my detail is as.

  2. today12 jul recvd a sms from kol tfc police 04 cases traffic violation pending against me, veh no WB08C8864. on checkingfound 03 are genuine but the 4th one is by mistake. details as under. case no ccoc046015/2017 case date 21 nov on Bt road near Rabindra bharati univ. offence 119/177MVA. my comments. i am colonel Sandip kar (Retd) a very senior veteran 74 yrs of age. self driven. stay at New town kolkata. I have not gone to BT road by any chance on that day. I feiled to understand how this has happened. If icould pay for 03 cases there was no problem of paying the 4th one. but since i am not a defaulter i have not paid , request you kindly consider and may like to find out what could be the reASON, IF YOU ARE NOT CONVINCED KINDLY SEND ME SMS I WILL PAY. Regs

  3. I am out of Bengal for last almost one year and my car is in the garage for last few years under lock and key under break down. I am a senior citizens and my car registration is at Tamluk M.V. So requests u to check your records and do not cancel my D.L.

  4. After receiving a threat for cancelling my driving licence illegally & inspite of my reply on 5th August 2018, that I am out of Bengal due to my old age and ill health for last one year, again I have received SMS messages for the same.
    Right now I am out of Bengal and my car paper are not with me. So I am unable to provide the details in your website.

  5. Inspite of my earlier two mail do you not have any body to go through the mail detail and act according. Are you not filing the false case and asking for money. I told you I am out of Bengal and not having the car paper with me.


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