This Unexplored Leather Market Has Everything ‘Tan’-gible


Who would have thought there is a market dedicated solely to shoes and leather goods here at the heart of the city?

leather market in kolkata

Popularly known as “juto bazaar”, this wholesale leather market in Kolkata at Padmapukur CIT Road is almost half a century old. To reach the place, From Moula-ali take CIT road and stop near the first roundabout crossing and you’ve arrived. A few hundred traders flock here every morning, their business extends till 8 pm in the evening.

leather market in kolkata

What is interesting here is that many of the shoes that are available here can be found on e-commerce portals selling under some odd brand name, which are mostly supplied by the traders in this market. The USP here is that you can look and wear the stuff before you buy instead of the haggle of buying & returning of e-commerce. And if you happen to dig further behind the innumerable shoe stalls, you’ll find a series of dingy houses where people are busy making a variety of shoes that are sold right there in the market as well as supplied to various shoe companies.

leather market in kolkata

Leather goods at ‘Brisul Haat’ (yes, that is how it’s known colloquially) are priced as low as a usual chocolate box. “I have been selling shoes for the past 2-3 years now which cost between rs.200-700” says Raj, one of the young guys here and he makes about 3000-4000 in a day. Loafers, sandals, sneakers- he has it all!

leather market in kolkata

Not only shoes, the wide range of bags and belts would delight you any day. Md. Naushad here, has been selling belts for the past 30 years. His products range from Rs.50/60 to Rs.350 and he earns about Rs.1000-1500 a day.


Apart from finished products, the market also sells raw materials like rexine, soles, rubber, nails, adhesives, which makes it a shoe-maker’s abode. Also if you ever wanted custom made shoes, the skilled shoe makers will adhere to your cause, only catch is you have to order bulk quantities of the same.

So when brand isn’t your lookout yet quality is, then Brisul Haat is your destination!


  1. This is a real good info needed to every new bee in town. Instead of going around the city to find any kind to place, beacon is the best place to get info of the city festivities

    • Thanks a lot Mr. Ravi. Words like these keep us inspired to go further. Do keep an eye out for other such new content.

  2. Thanks for the info. Was look for such articles to shop around kolkata. Really informative. A big thumbs up to the author!!

  3. Your heartily input is worth sharable. But I have to get a maker of customized shoe for a 12″ foot whom I could not find out there.if possible kindly make me know.thanks a lot for ur initiative like a summeritan .

  4. Actually looking for good leather for my sofa set as I am changing the leather. Where can I get the good leather. I heard about Brisul Haat. How can I go there and if any contact numbers, it would be greatly appreciated.


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