Love Litti Chokha? Here’s All The Places Where You Can Find This Delicacy


What comes to the mind when you think of Bihari cuisine? Umm… there’s that famous dish that they make out of dough and serve it with some sort of a chutney… umm .. what’s it called?! They make these balls out of wheat dough and toast it on an open fire and add desi ghee as well. Litti Chokha, yes, that’s the name of the famous Bihari street food.

Firstly, Litti is made out of dough of wheat and Sattu (chickpea flour) and the Chokha is not some random chutney but actually, mashed potato flavoured with cumin, crushed & roasted tomato, coriander, green chilly among others. And the litti (small handful sized balls of dough) is charred on an open clay over letting the fire cook the wheat thoroughly while at the same time retaining that raw edgy taste to it. And lastly the litti is either drizzled with desi ghee or if you don’t mind the extra fat it is immersed in a bowl of ghee and then served.

Now that is surely a terrific combination of flavours that anyone who enjoys street food would want to experience.

But where can you get litti chokha, that amazing Bihari street food, in Kolkata?

You’re probably thinking that one would have to go all the way to Bihar. Well, actually you can just make your way to Nimtala Ghat and you will know how amazing litti chokha is.

Click here for the location of the Litti Chokha Shop  

So there’s a particular shop at Nimtala burning ghat; while heading towards Nimtala Ghat from Kumartuli Ghat you’ll see the shop on your right. There are two shops, and apparently, the first one makes it better and is more authentic. (Look for the shop which sells both litti and Gulab Chai under one roof) 

A plate of Litti Chokha would cost you Rs. 30 only and you get 5 small bite sized littis with a generous amount of chokha along with green chutney. Now that’s a meal. The best part is that the Littis are made right in front of you and the cooking process is quite a joy to see while you wait for your batch of Litti Chokha.

Well, This is not the only place in kolkata to find litti chokha, here’s a list of other places where you will find a good deal of litti chokha:

Mala Para Crossing,(Singagad) near Satsang Bhavan.

Golabari Police station near Howrah AC 

Dalhousie Area near N.S. Road Coal India.

Near Chitpur Station.


Thela opposite to Subway at Shanti pally near Ruby


College Street towards Calcutta Medical College near imitation jewellery shop.

For Litti Chokha in a premium ambiance visit:

Baati Choka, the restaurant 

Kaidi Kitchen 

Why go to Bihar to savour their cuisine when the city of joy has it all?

With inputs from chef Anirudh Shrivastav.


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