Here’s A List Of Long Weekends In 2018 January And How You Can Spend Them


Hello 2018! We hope that the new year has ushered in happiness and prosperity and we also hope that you made the best of the holiday season to spend time with your family. But is the travel bug in you itching to escape somewhere? Don’t worry, we’ve got a list of long weekends in 2018 all sorted and we’re starting off with January. With a bit of careful planning, you could make the best use of these long weekends to satiate the wanderlust in you. 

And if you want to spend the day in Kolkata itself, here’s a few ideas on how you could enjoy the long weekends in 2018 in the city.

Long Weekend #1

January 20, Saturday 

January 21, Sunday

January 22, Basant Panchami

Things you can do:

The weather is cool, the sun’s rays don’t sting anymore and it is the best time to spend some outdoor time with friends and family at picnic spots in Kolkata.
Leisurely stroll around a garden, play some badminton, and enjoy some good food outdoors- picnics are an evergreen element for every family in Kolkata.

We’ve made a list of picnic spots in Kolkata where you can enjoy some quality time with your loved ones during the long weekends in 2018

Click here for the list.

Long Weekend #2

January 26, Republic Day 

January 27, Saturday

January 28, Sunday 

Things you can do:

Watching the Republic Day parade at Red Road is a must-do!
Team Beacon Kolkata will be live from the parade so stay tuned for more updates.

Spending a day at amusement parks in Kolkata are a great way to chill with your family and friends this winter, and we’ve compiled a list of the best amusement parks in Kolkata. Winter is finally here and weekends just got more interesting. Now you can finally venture out into the city without feeling the burning sun on your neck and have a good time outdoors.

So gear up, get those sweaters and shawls out and head out for a day filled with adventure, fun and leisure at some of the oldest, biggest amusement parks in Kolkata.

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Spend a day at Eco Park, Kolkata – Eco Park Kolkata is the perfect place for a weekend outing with your friends and we’ve listed a couple of activities that you and your buddies can engage in while you’re there!

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Want to travel the world but have no time to spare? What if we told you that you could see the 7 Wonders of the World at Eco Park Kolkata at the same time? And did we mention that you only need to pay INR 20 to do so? 

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