Here’s The Best Moments of Calcutta Instagrammers In 2017 #LookBack2017!


The year that is coming to an end- 2017, has been quite a roller-coaster ride for almost every one of us. So many different incidents have taken place and we have gone through various changes and have made adjustments. Greater than all of these, we have made uncountable memories. While we are spending the few last days of this thrilling year, counting down the days before another new beginning, Team Calcutta Instagrammers and Team Beacon Kolkata thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if we asked people to hold on for a while and look back at the moments they captured throughout this year… and share it with us?‘. This is how we came up with the idea of creating the hashtag- #LookBack2017 via which numerous people can upload their best captured moments of the year and give us a chance to be a part of their world.

Sammya Brata Mullick

Instagram : @deckle_edge 

A consultant by profession, Sammya Brata is the founder of Calcutta’s very first and the largest Instagram community “Calcutta Instagrammers”. Sammya Brata, who is also a popular Photo-blogger, is also regarded as one of the key social media influencers and has worked in social media campaigns for renowned brands like Castrol,, Ola Cabs, Kotak, Colgate, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Berger Paints, Godrej etc. for their nation-wide trending campaigns. He has also won numerous PAN India blogging competitions conducted by renowned brands like Kotak Mahindra, Star Sports, Sky Scanner, Bacardi, Magma India, ASUS, Borosil, Bluestone, WeChat, Vicks etc. He has won international trips on account of his blogging endeavors including covering the very prestigious “One Republic Concert” in Malaysia.

How has year 2017 been for you in terms of Photography?

It has been quite an interesting year for me since I decided to step out of my comfort zone and venture into shooting portraits as well. And honestly speaking, I’m pleasant surprised with the outcome. 

Do people recognize you by your Instagram name?

I once received a package from a brand with my Instagram handle written in place of my name. The courier guy was frantically searching for “Deckle Edge” in and around the entire neighborhood. 

What was your most thrilling experience while out on a shoot this year?

For me, each and every outing is thrilling when it comes to capturing a “decisive moment” on the Streets of Calcutta. But then, if you ask me to choose one, probably documenting the Moichara festival at Canning, fighting through the rain, mud and eventually surviving the “rage” of a pack of racing cows would be rated as number 1.


Lopamudra Talukdar

Instagram : @lopamudra 

Lopamudra Talukdar has spent almost her entire life in Kolkata. She did her Masters in Zoology from the Calcutta University and was associated with a few magazines in editorial capacity but she was mostly comfortable in front of the camera rather than behind it. She  was fascinated by the world of photography ever since she was a kid but never thought of taking it up seriously until she was gifted a Canon 5D Mark II in 2010. It changed the world around her. She started looking at the world through a different set of eyes and with few accolades and exhibition opportunities coming her way, it also changed how the world looked at her. She loves to document life as it passes by her, the people, the culture, the food. By her own admission a mix of street and travel photography fascinates her the most, specially because of the challenges and uniqueness it provides. It also helps that she is a mini globe trotter of sorts, travelling from Serengeti to Slovenia and bringing back some enchanting images in the process.  She is particularly captivated by the diversity of Indian culture and how different it can be from Kashmir to Kanyakumari! 

How has year 2017 been for you in terms of Photography?

2017 has been a year of hectic traveling for me, mostly related to my photographic documentation. It started with Kashmir in January, Taiwan in February, Vrindaban in March, Nepal in April, New Zealand in May, Indonesia in July, Meghalaya in August, Ladakh in September, Italy in October-November and Romania in December. This meant I was on the road for the most part of the year but it also had its rewards in this being my most productive year in terms of photography. While I stuck to my core areas of interest in documenting rituals and lifestyle of the people, I also took interest in landscape photography in New Zealand and Italy, something rather new to me.

Who is your all-time favourite female Instagrammer?

It is difficult to pinpoint any one female photographer on Instagram as there are so many who have inspired me through their work. Some of them are @nikigle, @marjilang, @magbrinik and @eva_erdmann

What is that one genre that you stick to while clicking or uploading your photographs?

Although travel and documentation constitute a major chunk of my work, 2017 has been a year of stepping out of my comfort zone and experimenting with new genres which I intend to continue in the coming year as well. But in the end, I believe any photograph, how pretty it might be, must have a soul of its own, one which is able to touch a few hearts. That is the genre I would like to belong to. 


Soumya Shankar Ghosal 

Instagram: @ssghoshal 

Soumya Shankar Ghosal is a Kolkata based Street and Documentary Photographer. With over a decade’s experience, he has won numerous accolades in India and internationally. To enthuse Street Photography enthusiasts he founded of one of the largest Street Photography movement dedicated to a city – “Streets of Calcutta”, which has a follower base of 27,000+.Special Mention Award from CGAP – World Bank in 2013, Grand Winner of Red Frames FOMC 2013 and winner of several other Photography Contests held by Nikon, Fujifilm, Olympus etc.An independent Global voting system by had placed him at number 3 in “The 20 most influential Street Photographers of 2017” . 

How has year 2017 been for you in terms of Photography?

2017 for me has been more engaging in photography education activities (Seminars at Colleges and Corporate houses, Exhibitions, Review sessions, Workshops etc.) than devote time to shoot for myself.

Good content or good follower- what is your pick and why?

My pick will always favour good content. Slowly but steadily that will engage in a better viewership.


Ananya Das

Instagram : @onnonaa


Born and brought up in Calcutta, she is a 20-year old Media Graduate student who loves to travel, cook and spend time with her loved ones. A lens-woman who likes to document people and their stories and an Instagram Enthusiast. Inspired by her father who has been a photojournalist since the last 40 years, she has developed her passion towards photography since childhood. She is currently a part of Calcutta Instagrammers, helping the team in curating photo exhibitions, managing the social media tasks and communications. Other than these, she loves watching films- works of Hitchcock, Goddard, Panahi and Buñuel are her all-time favourites.

How has year 2017 been for you in terms of photography?

In one word? Incomparable- with the years before. This year’s turning point was my trip to Varanasi. Returned to the city of joy with innumerable frames and even better behind-the-frame stories!

How do you engage with your audience?

My audience is my extended family. I have been sharing my memories and thoughts with them since the last four years. Engaging with them is much easier now with the help of Instagram Stories and the various entertaining and attractive features that come with it like- Voting Polls and Stickers, Boomerangs, Superzoom and Rewind! Interacting with your followers and giving them a chance to ask you questions about your work creates a smooth flow of clarity and helps maintaining a balanced relationship.

What are your thoughts on Mobile Photography?

For me, Photography is more than just an art form. It is a connection that you build with your subject as well another simultaneous connection a viewer or your audience builds with you through your clicked photograph. It is all about maintaining that perfect correlation and depicting what you wish to- it is not necessary for one to have a very heavy and costly gadget. It is the frame, the purpose that matters and if a mobile phone camera helps you achieve it, you’re already a winner.


Suprotim Nandi

Instagram : @shutter_bong 

I am a 23-year old inspired traveller who loves to capture stories out of the mundane and aspires to click quirky frames out of the banal. Other than these, my daily activities include playing FIFA with my friends and having at least three mugs of coffee while spending time with my family and loved ones.

How has year 2017 been for you in terms of photography?

This year has been full of ups and downs yet no regrets. Explored a lot of things that were left unexplored. Travelled Varanasi for the first time  which is memorable. Bought my Nikon D750 and lost pictures and documentations of 8gb which still remain unrecoverable. Altogether this year has been a roller coaster ride.

How often do you use Instagram Stories- and apply the various stickers and filters on them?

Instagram is growing every day with new updates and features every alternative day almost to engage with your audience. I am a not a very avid user of stickers but yes stories help me keep my audience engaged.

You can let your beloved followers know that you have uploaded. Stories also helps you to engage your audience with your personal life as well. For example I love to sing with my so called bathroom singer voice and I end up singing and engaging with my audience as a past time when I am not shooting or have nothing to do or when I am sitting home idle.

They say, there’s no end to learning –  What is that one thing that you learnt this year?

I learnt to love people and to let go of people that don’t matter and I learnt to prioritize myself and photography over anyone and everyone.


Kallol Bhattacharya

Instagram : @kallol_b_photography_2017 

I hail from Assam, but, I have been staying in Kolkata for past 14 Years. I have done my MBA from Kolkata and after, I have joined my first job in IT Sales and Marketing in the year 2007. I am a Kolkata based Street Photographer, alongside. I have started my Photography career in the year 2015 and within this tenure I have achieved many laurels in photography from around the world. I have interest in Travel Photography, Portraits and Fashion.

How has year 2017 been for you in terms of Photography?

Year 2017 has been a great adventure in terms of photography for me. I have lived my passion by creating memories. From streets to portraits I have learnt every tips and tricks which I executed while capturing. All those tutorials motivated me to push myself and bring out the best in me.

What is your favourite feature on Instagram?

Instagram keeps on updating from time to time with various new additions of filters and features. My current favourite has to be the ‘Superzoom’ feature in the Stories segment. It makes a very normal glimpse of moment very dramatic and is so fun to use!

How has this year been memorable for you?

2017 has given me much exposure and I’m happy that my efforts were acknowledged by eminent photographers from all across the world. I’m overwhelmed to be awarded and my photographs were published in magazines like India Today, North East Style, CREDAI Bengal etc. and Newspaper like The Times of India. Got featured in maximum number of Instagram communities across the world.


Pranay Pariyar Chandra

Instagram: @triggerha_pp 

I am from Gangtok been living in Kolkata since two years now. I work in Information Technology sector. Picked photography while living abroad to make up for my missing social life but now it’s an integral part of my world. A great stress buster in my busy IT life.

How has the year 2017 been for you in terms of photography?

I got into photography a little before 2016 with mostly nature as my area of interest. But in 2017 I started experimenting with Street Photography. Living in Kolkata has been a big bonus as the city has a lot of history and character, now the melting point of multiple cultures provides myriad opportunities to a photography enthusiast. 2017 that way has been hugely rewarding for me as I not only tried new genre of photography but also got the opportunity of meeting many fellow photographer through Instagram. And of course explored many interesting lanes and corners of the city. Overall a very enriching experience.

Name one Instagrammer whose work you wholeheartedly follow.

Abdul Momin (Instagram handle: @photographybd). My exposure to photography has been mostly through Instagram. Abdul Momin is my current favourite and follow his work closely. I am not much aware of his background but his work shows Bangladesh like people would have never seen before. It has changed my perspective of this tiny neighbouring country a lot. Needless to say his photographs are breathtakingly beautiful. His work mostly focuses on rural Bangladesh and its people, framed in the most beautiful way possible.


Rana Pandey

Instagram : @pandeyrana 

I am Rana Pandey and I am a practicing visual story teller from Kolkata, India. My work includes street life and people from various socio-economical background focusing on their life in a more intimate form.

How has the year 2017 been for you in terms of photography?

2017 has been an eventful year for me in terms of photography. i started my first long term project on Brahmachari kids of Varanasi which is about many small kids who come to Varanasi to receive education mainly in Sanskrit and learn how to lead a simple life. 

In the same year my efforts were also acknowledged by Nikon Photo Contest, HIPA and Kolkata Police, a photo series was displayed in Kolkata as a part of the Art Rickshaw project by CI , 6 images in Russia as a part of Around the World in 80 Days show and single images in few other countries. 

Tell us about that one stranger that became one of your best friends while shooting on the streets? 

I didn’t meet many new people in 2017 but I am happy about the fact that the people whom I already knew came more close to me on a personal level. 


Sayan Dey

Instagram: @story_of_a_flaneur

I am Sayan. Photography is my passion and apart from my professional life , I love to be a flaneur and preserve the moments through lens.

How has been the year 2017 for you in terms of photography?

2017 will be stored in my memory as a special one as I started photography in this year. It’s almost about eleven months that I have started belonging to a parallel world, a photographer’s world. 2017 is the beginning of my journey. “Miles to go before I sleep”.

Which social media application is killing the scene and why?


Facebook is the easiest platform to learn photography. There are some groups which are really helpful to enrich the knowledge regarding photography by getting reviews from photography icons. But, according to me, Facebook cannot be the ultimate option for serious photography. Photographers have to think beyond Facebook and should think about preserving photographs.

Narrate one memorable incident of 2017, while shooting out on the streets.


I travelled almost three hours to reach a brick field to shoot. I was really excited but it was tough luck for me . As I reached the location, heavy shower destroyed all my plans. But I managed to click only One which made my day. I have made friends (a gang of children) there and the friendship I made that day is the gift which healed all my pain not to click a lot.


Snehadeep Das

Instagram :  @snehadeepdas 

I am Snehadeep Das. I call myself more of an artist than a photographer. Sketching  Portraits and paintings actually lured me into photography. I love to take human portraits, meet new people, and explore my own Kolkata. When your city itself is so interesting, you can’t resist yourself from capturing its little details and humans of Kolkata.

How has the year 2017 been for you in terms of photography?

Standing at the far end of the year 2017, I can surely say that it was indeed great and full of experiences. I bagged a lot of features and got published. All these are an addition to my love towards Photography and stepping stones for making my passion into a profession. Behind the lens , and behind me , always are my seniors and my mentors, to whom I look up to and who inspire me to become a maestro in this field. I also want to show my humble gratitude to my supportive parents who has always been there with me and acknowledged my choices.

What are your views on the usage of #hashtags?

Hashtags plays a quite simple but important role on Instagram. It helps to build a connection between the work and the audience. Usage of random hashtags like “Photography” “Instagram ”  increases visibility, gives the work more exposure and it reaches to more number of people around the globe.



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