11 lovable things faced by every Punjabi guy in Kolkata


Kolkata is hard to describe in words. While one might argue that in today’s world almost every metro city has a fairly cosmopolitan mix of inhabitants, the love and warmth that the native people of Kolkata give to everyone who wishes to call the city their “home” is incomparable. Perhaps that is why I prefer to call myself not a Bengali or a Punjabi but a “Kolkattan”; and a proud one at that.

Being a Punjabi guy in Kolkata is super fun! While there are certain clichés which come inherently attached to it, there are several loveable things faced by every Punjabi guy in Kolkata. Here goes –

1. Every friend will expect that you will have the latest Yo Yo Honey Singh Track


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2. Sarson da saag and Makai di roti, enough said

Sarso ka ssagCourtesy -4.bp.blogspot.com


3. Your friends will go – “You are allowed to have a drink with your father? Man you’ve got the best parents in the world”


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4. You will be expected to lead every brawl/argument which your friends get into; because dole-shole and all


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5. Everytime you take a friend to the Guruparab he’s sure to say – “Yar the food at the langar in the Gurudwara is awesome!”


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6. You will have your friends drooling over your beautiful Punjabi cousins and family friends of the opposite gender


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7. Kurta-Pyjama and pagdi will be all about the “wakra swag”


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8. Your mom will treat your friends like her own every time they visit your place


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9. You will steal the limelight of every dance session the moment a Punjabi song is played


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10. No party will ever be over without Sukhbir’s Ishq Tera Tadpave song


Courtesy – Scoopwhoop humor facebook page

11. Royal Enfiled will be an extension of your body

punjab loves royal enfield

Courtesy – 3.bp.blogspot.com


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