Lover Spots in Kolkata- Places Where Couples Shamelessly Indulge in Public Display of Affection!


Lover Spots in Kolkata where couples head over for some PDA!

So Cupid has struck you and love is in the air? Well it’s quite but natural for your emotions to get the better of you while spending some quality time with bae.

And when it comes to emotions, love and brazen Public Display of Affection, couples in Kolkata probably top the list!

So here’s a list of some of the most-thronged Lover Spots in Kolkata; while some couples end up in acts of PDA here for the sheer lack of a room, others even indulge in PDA simply for the kick of it!
Don’t believe us? Visit these lover spots in Kolkata for yourself!

Lover Spots in Kolkata for the unabashed couples in the city!

Elliot Park

Located right at the heart of the city, Elliot Park is the unofficial honeymoon spot for couples in Kolkata. Formerly maintained by Tata Steel, Elliot Park is a green stretch located on the edge of the Maidan facing the busy Chowringhee Road.

While the entry is free the vendors at the entrance selling snacks come to your rescue when hungry. There are quite a few large trees and bushes that form the perfect spot for couples!


Nalban is probably the most ancient lover spot in Kolkata!
From the paddle boat and shikara that were functional there a decade ago to the simple food-court that it has been reduced to today, Nalban still enjoys the loyalty of couples in love!

Back-Side of Nandan

This is a lesser-known spot thronged mostly by seasoned couples that couldn’t care less about displaying their affection publicly!

The place has a paved walkway and a fountain in the center. There are also a few benches that are needless to say, occupied by couples in love!

This is probably the least know among the lover spots in Kolkata

Benu Bana Chaya

If bae stays in Patuli or beyond and if you’re really short on cash, Benu Bana Chaya comes to the rescue! A nominal entry-fee and you have access to the huge park that surrounds a beautiful waterbody, you’ll have to buy tickets however if paddle-boating is on your mind.

Benu Bana Chaya has countless nooks and crannies and camouflaged corners that are perfect for the couple looking at indulging in some PDA 

Boat-ride @ Princep Ghat

Now this isn’t essentially a spot but the Boat-ride at Princep Ghat is where couples flock to for some concealed PDA.

A generous tip to the oarsman and you’re sorted with no interference from him while the seating area becomes the love room!

Rabindra Sarobar

If you’re a couple in Kolkata and haven’t been here even once to Sarobar, then Dear oh dear!
The lake side at Rabindra Sarobar has witness countless couples build dreams together and often get carried away stealing a moment of intimacy!

Mind you, after its beautification Rabindra Sarobar is no longer the most coveted lover spot!

Central Park, Salt Lake

This park in Salt Lake is a lovers’ hub. The lush greenery, lake-side view and secluded atmosphere attracts a lot of young couple who go there to spend some romantic time with their significant other. 

The park has an entry fee of Rs. 25 and has a beautiful rose garden and a butterfly garden.

Eco Park gate No. 2

Yes you read that right, we’re talking about THE favourite park of Kolkata! Couples have found spots here too. From thick bushes and shrubs to elaborate fountains, couples have cracked the code to perfectly camouflage behind structures in this mammoth of a park to steal some personal time!

Captain Bheri Eco Aquatic Hub

Captain Bheri Eco Aquatic Hub is essentially a walk-way path maintained by the fisheries department of the government right on EM Byepass. The place has beautiful aquariums and exotic breeds of fish on display along with multiple spots to promote pisciculture.

However, couple in Kolkata have been using this spot and the beautiful bays by the waterside for a quick getaway and a lot more if you know what we mean. To know more about Captain Bheri, click here.

Millennium Park

The original amusement park to be open to the public, Millennium Park was once the hub for all family outings with an array of kids activities and green cover.
In recent years however, it has started to be known for all the wrong reasons!

Botanical Gardens

Often boasted about with pride as the largest green cover in the country, Botanical Gardens used to be THE family winter picnic spot.
However a quick visit to this place and you’ll know that time hasn’t really moved-on at Botanical Gardens and the visitors hardly ever visit the place for recreation and fun anymore.
Couples throng the park like fish in the sea and the regulars even have reserved spots selected for themselves!


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DISCLAIMER: We do not promote or support any kind of immoral or illegal activities in any of these aforementioned locations. Please tread at your own risk.


  1. The way people choose to express their affection for each other in public is fascinating to me. It’s completely different than physical affection in private, because with PDA, you’re walking a fine line between social norms and personal intimacy. Public display affection can like of generally comfortable with hand holding, quick kisses, and subtle hands on thighs, waist, legs and kisses.


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