5 Places in Kolkata Where You Will Get the Best Maggi


Now that Maggi is back in town, here are the places where we all loved to have Maggi in its different forms.

Nick n Nack

Maggi in Kolkata

This delectable food joint near Bhawanipur Gujrati college is the favourite place to munch for students and nearby residents alike. And the Cheese maggi at Nick n Nack is to die for!

Bon Appetite

Maggi in Kolkata

Situated at Hajra, this small but kickass cafe serves one hell of a Corn n Cheese Maggi.

Gabbar’s Maggi (Opposite PG Hospital)

Maggi in Kolkata

Every nocturnal creature in Kolkata knows Gabbar and, of course, the lip-smacking Maggi he serves all night long.

Russel Point

Maggi in Kolkata

This place has been the favourite Maggi joint for every office goer in and around Russel Street; Apparently his business went down after the Maggi scandal. And now that it’s back, he happily hangs this banner in front of his store:

Maggi in Kolkata

Maggi Point

Maggi in Kolkata

This, rather obscure, snack joint in Park Street runs a booming show just selling Maggi; perhaps the name says it all.


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