Mandarin Graffiti, in Support of the TMC, Spotted in Kolkata’s China Town


We all know that the members of the Chinese Hakka community have been settled in Tangra since the 18th century. In a bid to woo voters of the city’s China Town, TMC has come up with a really cool plan. The walls in Tangra are painted in the colours of TMC, but the language is Mandarin. Yes, you read that right! TMC has tried to reach out to the Chinese community residing in this locality, which is why many locals are reciprocating the support by painting the township in blue and white. What is even more interesting is the use of Mandarin graffiti, in writing down the party slogans.

You will be able to spot sketches of CM Mamata Banerjee and Mala Roy; the party’s candidate from the South Kolkata seat, on the whitewashed walls of Tangra. The Mandarin graffiti, features are painted by Robert Hou, who is a loyal supporter of the party but has no affiliation with it. All of this comes as a surprise because the Chinese community in the city has largely been apolitical. As per records, out for the 5,000 Chinese who live here, 2,000 are eligible voters, which the TMC is trying to monopolize. Many have claimed that political graffiti in Mandarin is a new sighting, and must we say, that they are very aesthetically done. Graffiti, which was once very popular in Kolkata, is a dying art which has seen a grand revival during the election season.

So, if you happen to be a lover of authentic Chinese fare and an admirer of graffiti, then you definitely know where to head to! Who knows, you might just end up using these walls as a backdrop while posing for your Instagram pictures.

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