Commander Turned Comedian, Kalkutta Komedians Gets Manish Tyagi To Kolkata!


“Comedy in itself is a serious business” – Manish Tyagi.

His punch liners are unmatchable; his charm is captivating, an officer and a gentleman whose wit is what has us gripped.

Now, don’t we all love a man with humor, who can turn the dullest day into something funny?

Here is our man. Manish Tyagi, a retired commander of the Indian Navy, he is now a stand-up comedian.

Wait what? Did we just say Indian Navy? How is that synonymous with comedy? The strict Navy discipline with their stoic countenance would have us thinking otherwise but on the contrary Manish says “who said that comedy and strict discipline don’t go hand in hand, the armed forces are quite funny despite the strict discipline”



“who said that comedy and strict discipline don’t go hand in hand, the armed forces are quite funny despite the strict discipline”

Chances of coming across a Naval Commander who is a stand-up comedian in his post-retirement career is of course rare and starting at the age of 48 is nothing short of an achievement in itself.

Manish-Tyagi5-500x325He started his comic journey on stage in 2014 after his friends convinced him that his humor was worth the open mic.

Though his jokes are mostly regional and observatory based but it can leave you in splits of laughter. When he tells people that he was a commander, there is always an admiration and respect and the next thing people ask him is about the cheap canteen stores.

Talking about people who fake a twang, he has an apt line for them “aapki zaban ko lakva kab maar gaya” This is something that always cracks people up real bad. “There are some people (read females) who just cannot stop laughing while we have to wait for them to stop giggling away to glory but at the same time crack them up further by saying things like ‘ok sweetheart whenever you are ready’”

Being a Ranchi boy and growing up around Beharis, he was quite influenced so he joked that once he was on a flight with a Behari co-passenger who asked him his name. On replying ‘Manish’, the man further asked him ‘aap aagay kya lagatay hai’ (caste conscious), to which he replied ‘bataou k dikhaou’

18222464_1692264907455670_5128305944778035828_nThis comic epitome livened the evening at Kala Kunj by being a part of the Kalkutta Komedians open mic comic relief. The evening also saw a few more comedy artist like Raj Bagaria, Ritabrata Das, Rivu Ganguly and Shikha Singh who totally rocked the stage with the roar of laughter from the audience.


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