These 65+ year old Marathon runners will put all Super Heroes to shame. Prepare to be amazed.


At 65 years of age, you and I will be enjoying retirement (hopefully). I picture a 65 year old me with a slight paunch, a droopy face with tired eyes. Who knows, maybe I’ll go on to conquer the world; but I’ll still be a 65 year old man with a slight paunch, a droopy face and tired eyes.

marathon runners in kolkata

That’s the thing about us (our generation). Technology has made us LAZY. So lazy that I can safely say that at 65, no matter what I am, I WILL NOT be as cool as these gentlemen I met on a Sunday morning. First, I chanced upon Mr Arun Kumar Singh. Mr Singh is a 65 year old Samaritan who can very well put your local buffed up gym trainer to shame. Then I met 68 year old Mr Nihar Ray. To put it short, Mr Ray can make your rusty old treadmill (which you don’t use of course) feel real small. VERY small. So who are these marathon runners in kolkata? Read on to find out

Arun Kumar Singh (65 years old)

marathon runners in kolkata

Mr Singh started running at the age of 52 years. The age where we are all set to embrace the couch. At 60 years of age this man ran close to 28.5 kms in marathons in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.

marathon runners in kolkata

Talk about aging, this iron man will show you what reverse aging is. “I ran half marathon (21.1 kms) at the Run for Education clocking 02:04:32 hours. I remember running another half marathon at the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon exactly 4 years back in Nov., 2011 clocking 02:06:05 hour. Inspite of aging, a better time is clocked”

marathon runners in kolkata

Calling himself a hurdler first and a marathon runner second, the man recently established a new state record in the State Masters Athletic meet, in the ‘100 mtrs hurdle’ in the 65 plus age category establishing a new state record, clocking 19.70 seconds.

Mr Nihar Ray (68 years old)

marathon runners in kolkata

A senior engineer at the U.S Nuclear Regulatory Commission by profession, this man is nothing less than a nuclear power plant himself. Having run marathons at all the 7 continents in the world, at 60 years of age, he ran a full 40 km marathon in Antarctica. Yes, you read that right. When most retire from work, this man ran a marathon in 0 degrees Celsius, wearing his running shoes, hurdling over glaciers. “Within 2-3 miles, everything from our socks to clothes were completely wet. At times we had to run on slopes of at least 50 to 600 gradients”

marathon runners in kolkata
Mr. Ray at his 40th marathon

Talking about extreme temperatures, in 2005 he ran a marathon in Singapore in 28 degrees Celsius and 92% humidity. At temperatures like those, you and I would be dying to be near the Air Conditioner.

From New York to Egypt to running along the Pacific Ocean, at 68, Mr Ray is living the life most of us can’t even dare to dream of.

We at The Beacon salute these real life super heroes.   


  1. Sir, I am Joseph Ninan 66 years Last year I participated in ADHM Delhi half Marathon 65+ category. My time was 1hr 53 mnts and 23 secs. I had severe shoe bite problem during the runand I lost both my toe nails otherwise I could have done better. I appreciate my fellow running enthusiasts you mentioned in this article. Thank you.


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