Marriage Registrar Refuses to verify Matrimony after newly-married couple fail to show ‘Pre-Wedding photoshoot pictures’


DISCLAIMER: Please note that the following article is meant to be read for light entertainment. All characters and events are purely fiction. Any resemblance to any person/event is completely coincidental

Kolkata, 2nd December: Winter is struggling its way into the city and the marriage season is has started in full-swing. Families across the city are caught up with preparations and celebrations are in the air. But it is anything but celebrations for a distraught newly wedded couple.

Kakoli and Arun, love birds from childhood, decided to finally tie the knot of eternal love this December; both families, well aware of the mushrooming love between them ever since their school days were delighted when the news of the marriage broke.

All was set. The ceremonies were fixed, the venues were booked and the guests had been invited. Just a day before the ceremonies, the couple decided to go get their marriage officially registered. It is here that catastrophe struck! The aged marriage officer peered through his thick glasses checking the couple from tip to toe.

“Id proofs?” he said

They presented theirs

“Witnesses?” he looked over their shoulders

Pop came the happy faces of their parents

Then came the difficult part…

“Pre – Wedding Photoshoot pictures?” the rusty officer smirked

A bead of sweat just dripped down Arun’s forehead as Kakoli grabbed his wrist.

“But we thought that was only what ‘wannabe facebook couples’ do!” said Arun, realizing the mistake he had made, the hair on his neck, al up.

The officer broke into a jest and whispered to his colleague through the dusty files on his table “Pre – Wedding shoot korai ni aar biye korte choleche! Eto bochhor dhore ekhane mosha maarchi ki? Shob jaani kae aashol ke fake”

(They haven’t done a pre-wedding photoshoot and have come to get married! They think we have been sitting here all these years crushing mosquitoes. We know very well, who genuine couples are and who the fake ones are”


A teary Kakoli was later heard saying “Even after repeated requests from multiple Wedding Photographers, we thought it wouldn’t matter if we would not have a pre-wedding photoshoot but as it turns out, it is as important as any other proof of marriage. We have learnt our mistake the hard way”

Don’t be a victim of this. Get your pre-wedding photoshoot done today and don’t forget to assert it all over Facebook!


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