As we all know World Environment Day was on 5th June and like every year, we’d see our Facebook feed filled with environment related messages from our friends and family just for that day of the year!

Like every year we pledge to be more cautious towards the environment and again, like every year, we forget about it the next day.

So this year, we at Beacon Kolkata decided to change things a little!

When was the last time you paid attention to an environment related message on the road? (Probably never)

And when was the last time you laughed uncontrollably to a MEME that you saw while browsing Facebook? (Just 5 minutes back maybe?)

So we decided the merge the two!

Hold up! Memes? What are those?

The internet describes memes as an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations!

While Memes essentially started from the west and every Meme has its own designated character, Memes take a very colloquial turn the moment we in India begin using them.

Be it Alok Nath with a ‘Sanskari’ meme or Arnab Goswami with ‘The Nation Wants to Know’; Memes surely have become an inherent part of our social media space.

So we thought, if Memes are afterall so attractive and catchy, why not use them to capture the attention of people and spread an awareness about the environment!

Here’s how it went down

Talking about memes, Alok Nath had to lead the way

Plant a tree if you are Sanskari!



Shaktimaan is our favourite

You can’t just cut a tree & Say
Sorry Shaktimaan



How could Dhinchak Pooja be left behind!

Tree ke saath
Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj


IMG_0074-optWe didn’t leave Crime Master GOGO either!

Beej nikalke Ped Ugaunga!





How could we not include Arnab!

Did you plant a tree today?
The Nation Wants To Know!



IMG_20170610_152131-optBB Ki Vines wasn’t spared either!

Ped Kaat te ho
HUTIYA ho kya?



Daya darwaza tod do.. but!

Tree tod NA Mat


Shaktimaan again!


How could we forget our true love Biryani!

IMG_0058-optWe saved the best for the last

AAO Kabhi


The theme of World Environment Day 2017 was Connecting people with nature.

The whole idea behind the exercise was that.

We pictured if Memes really do fancy people so much, then maybe if we put them on trees, people would spare some time to connect with the trees too!

What say?



  1. Hey I jst lvd ur idea
    I ll in howrah as well
    I can’t cover all of howrah by myself
    I ll cover as much as I can
    And I would be glad
    If I get some assistance


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