Drop Your Ball Of Fur @ Meow Baari – Kolkata’s Only Creche Exclusively For Cats!


Nestled in a quaint by-lane of Haripada Dutta Lane at Tollygunge is probably Kolkata’s only sanctuary exclusively for cats. Meow Baari isn’t just another pet crèche in Kolkata, it is Koel Chatterji’s dream project.

About Meow Baari

Meow Bari is a ‘dida-r bari’ of sorts for cats – where they can go just to have fun, get pampered, get cuddled and there would be absolutely no rules.

Why cats, though?

Because dogs are very easy to understand and will tend to be at your beck and call. But with cats, you have to earn their trust.
“My first adopted cat was when this queen cat came to my house and gave birth to her litter. Eventually I took them in and I got the whole family neutered and spayed. Over the years, I fostered some cats and a few became a part of my family. Now, I have 7 cats and 9 dogs,” says Chatterji.

“It all started when I had fostered a kitten that my friend had rescued and got it adopted. The pet parents were going out of town, and by that time I had five cats of my own but no crèche, so they asked me to take care of their kitten while they were out of town. But they agreed to pay for all the expenses. And that is how this little cat became my first boarder, kick-starting my journey with the pet crèche.”

Next time you’re on vacay, drop your feline friend at Meow Baari

Meow Baari has been made keeping the middle class family in mind.
The boarding charges are really low and they try to take only the cost required for food and maintenance.
Everything is done by the owners and they don’t have any handlers.
From cleaning to grooming, everything is done by the owners.



Last year during Pujo they had 30 boarders together and they couldn’t have been happier!

You can follow Meow Baari on Facebook here and you can contact 9432229179 for more.


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