Metro Railway Timings For Durga Puja. Here’s All You Need To Know & Much More!


While from most of us, Durga Puja is a time for celebrations, endless Pandal hopping and catchimg up with friends and family, there are a set of people who don’t quite recollect the Pujas the same way. We’re talking about the designated driver in every group.

The unsung heroes who painfully maneuver in choc a block traffic to take the group/family around, only to be left alone, struggling to find a parking space near every pandal pit stop.

Well, we can’t assure you parking spots in prominent Pujo places but one solution sure is in taking the underground metro to travel!

So here’s all you need to know about the Metro Railway Timings for Durga Puja and connectivity to pandals

Connecting stations: Kavi Subhas & Dumdum Stations

Panchami & Sashti

First Train: 7:15 AM

Last Train: 10:10 PM

Frequency: 7 – 8 minutes


Saptami, Ashtami & Navami

First Train: 1:40 PM

Last Train: 4:00 AM


2 PM – 5 PM: 10 minutes

5PM – Midnight: 07 minutes

Midnight – 2 AM: 10 minnutes

2 AM – 4 AM: 15 minutes



First Train: 1:40 PM

Last Train: 10:00 PM

Frequency: 7 – 10 minutes

Map of Metro Stations & Pandals Near Them


Beacon Alert!

Be careful of the slippery staircase while walking down. May look sissy, but hold the handrail please

No matter how tempting the other queue looks, try and stick to one you’re already on

Carry change, pay exact fare like a BOSS!

Keep an ear up for important announcements

Remember that’s it’s Durga Puja for all, this means the staff at the Metro Rail too. So lets try and cooperate a bit with them to make their day better!

You know the city is gearing up for a party when the Metro service is on till 4 am!

Happy Durga Puja Folks!




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