While almost every girl wears an imaginary crown on her head practically all her life, some actually dream to achieve the real one. Team Beacon Kolkata caught up with Miss Countrywide Asia 2017: Sukhpreet Kour, who did our country proud and is now flaunting her crown and sash everywhere she goes. She is not only a model but a certified fashion designer too. Now, where do you get such beauty with brains, of course in Kolkata, duh!

Read on to know more about her…

When did the switch from fashion designer to beauty pageant happen?

Last year I was in Bangalore, doing an internship for a fashion designer and that’s when I decided to take part in various beauty pageants like Miss Karnataka (top 5), Miss Glam India (top 7) and finally went on to win Miss United Nations International 2016 and Miss Countrywide Asia 2017.

Share your experience of the Miss Countrywide Asia 2017 contest

It was overwhelming. Coming from a small town and beating all odds to join this big fashion industry was not easy for me but I managed to save the day with grace. I always wanted to make my parents proud and that is what I achieved after receiving their constant support.

Until the last moment I had no idea if I would win or not, I was happy as well as nervous but I always had it in my mind that the crown has to be taken by India. The best feeling there was that we were not called by our own name but by our country’s name. When I received the crown they said the winner is ‘Miss India’.  That was a fairytale moment for me.

What do you think gave you an edge over the others?

While there, I made it a point to interact with all the other contestants and learn from their experience. Beauty pageants are not only about beauty it is also about beauty with a purpose. I have got the treatment done for 6 acid attack victims in Bangalore, I also tied up with Kalinga Institute of Social Science, which feeds 25000+ kids free of cost as well as takes care of their education.

To what extent has life changed after winning the crown?

It has changed a lot but I still choose to be down to Earth. I am happy where I am now, I am living my passion. I am still ambitious and will try for Miss Universe as well but I am just taking it slow now. I believe in achieving things the clean way even if that means that I am not going to achieve many things in this fashion industry.

What would be your message to the aspiring beauty pageants?

There is no place too big or too small to start. Be ready to struggle because without struggle you will not reach anywhere in life, you will never learn anything. Don’t give up and grab the opportunities that come your way. Don’t compromise on your morals just to get become famous and never take short cuts in life.


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