Kolkata Is Turning Out To be The Next Mixed Martial Arts Destination, Here’s All You Need To Know


Brace up with Mixed Martial Arts

Have you ever watched action movies and secretly wished that you could fight the same way someday? What about the innumerable times that you felt unsafe and wished you knew some kick-ass martial arts move that could ensure your safety as well as scare the hell out of your potential attacker?

We are the generation that has the world at the tip of our fingers but fail to safeguard ourselves in times of dire need.  In today’s ruthless world, we need to be our own hero and that is where the importance of at least the basic knowledge of Mixed Martial Arts crop up.

Don’t we all love to break the rules sometimes? Well, MMA teaches us just that. It is a hybrid form of martial arts that does not follow any fixed rules like those of the traditional martial art form. It allows you to combat with mixed martial art techniques that are a result of many combined martial art moves.

Among these MMA techniques, Grappling has gained much prominence in the recent past and a few days back, for the first time in Kolkata, a Grappling State Championship was held at Jadavpur University.

For more information on the sport, Team Beacon interviewed Mr. Partha S. Sarkar – Founder – 360 Degree Sports, East India In-Charge – Kickboxing Federation of India, Gen. Secretary – Bengal Kickboxing Association, Gen. Secretary – Bengal Grappling Association and Gen. Secretary – Mixed Martial Arts Association of Bengal.

What was the event about?

Grappling is a sport that is very similar to wrestling and jiu-jitsu. It is a hybrid game that is a combination of both the sports. It is controlled by UWW.

Tell us about 360 degree sports club

It started in the year 2011 with the aspect of combining every possible combat hybrid games. We envisioned a place where we can have many full contact-based martial arts under one roof. So we started with grappling, jiu-jitsu, and MMA, which was introduced for the first time in West Bengal and now, of course, it is well known. We compete in all these sports at the state and national level.

Tell us more about grappling and MMA


Basically, martial art has two parts: one is stand-up based (karate, kung-fu, etc) and one is ground based (judo, wrestling, etc). Some of these art forms use punches and kicks while others use only punches, no kicks and still some others use different kinds of punches. Every sport is guided by different sets of rules and traditional martial art is a stickler for rules. But for self-defense, you must know every possible move because you never know how exactly you are going to be attacked. You must know how to combat with multiple people at a time. These things are not taught in traditional martial arts.

Keeping this in mind, we started 360 degree sports with the idea to learn every possible combat move under basically three heads – kickboxing, striking and grappling that basically covers most forms of martial arts. MMA combines striking and grappling techniques at the same time.  It is nearest to reality.

Has the interest in MMA increased of late?

Yes, tremendously. People enquire a lot about it, even professionals from other martial arts form, enquire about MMA and are interested in it. 

MMA is gaining quite the ground in Kolkata, they’re all set to host a similar activities based event at World Motorcycle Day, Kolkata on 2nd July 2017.

How does the knowledge of MMA benefit women?


Most women do not have God-gifted physical strength (in combat) as men. When attacked, they are mostly forced to the ground and are then grounded. If she has some basic karate knowledge, she could have punched and kicked but mostly women freeze at this moment, thereby giving the man more leverage.

At this moment the knowledge of grappling, punching and kicking at the right places and in the right manner comes handy. This kind of self-defense, while there is tremendous pressure on you and nobody coming to your rescue, is what is taught in MMA. Therefore it is nearest to reality.

 If the woman has the right technique in mind with the science of MMA, no matter how hard the situation of her being grounded is; she can use techniques that can easily overcome the man by choking him to unconsciousness in about 4-5 seconds, she can snap at least 10-15  of his joints in 2-3 seconds each. She will be in leverage now because she has been trained to combat in these positions several times. She will even be able to control the man and he will not be able to go anywhere.

The MMA team from 360 degrees and its entire cohort will be present at the upcoming World Motorcycle Day, Kolkata on 2nd July 2017.


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