School Children Are All Set To Take On Global Issues, Here’s All You Need To Know!


“The tragedies of displaced people, refugees and migrants are heartbreaking and call for urgent attention.”

“It is essential that we counter the narrative of unmanageable crisis and the rhetoric of isolationism.”

No, this isn’t established diplomats rebutting each other at the UN General Assembly. This is how a bunch of young kids from schools discuss and debate foreign policy.

But wait! School kids and foreign policy? Impossible!
Absolutely not, because they have MUN or Model United Nations.

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This is how seasoned diplomats and country delegates address and talk about issues affecting the global community. From Child Rights to Human Trafficking and other grave issues, General Assembly is the place where it is all debated, discussed and formulated into policies that affect one and all.

Now one may be wondering all this dignified way of talking and negotiating major policies are best reserved for the intellect and seasoned diplomats. Well, not exactly, this is where Model United Nations (MUN) comes in which serves the purpose of emulating the proceedings of the UN General Assembly. MUN basically serves to upcoming young leaders who aspire to become diplomats and delegates of their respective countries to discuss policies and have an impact on the global community.   

When, Where, What?

Kolkata is all set to host an MUN, organized by CRY, on 22nd and 23rd July at Techno India College with a number of schools sending in their aspiring diplomats. Students will be divided into various country teams wherein they would be researching on the respective country policies and debating them at the MUN.  

All this is great, but why should young minds bother about foreign policy at all?

Well, MUNs were essentially conceived and designed to raise awareness about how policies that affect the global community are decided upon. That it’s not just a group of well-suited men deciding the future course of our interconnected societies and world at large.

Young kids can not only learn and be inspired by emulating the General Assembly proceedings but they might as well contribute ideas to certain policy areas in ways that even the adults with much of their expertise cannot.


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