Monginis The Veteran Cake Shop Is Coming Back To Kolkata! Best Christmas Gift EVER!


Remember when cakes and bakes meant just one place? Back when biting into a chicken tit-bit on the way home from school was a daily norm, when birthdays and all other occasions meant just one mon er jinish! 
Yes, we’re talking about Monginis the veteran cake shop that we’ve grown up frequenting!

We got this ‘sweet’ news over a tweet posted by the official Monginis handle.

Our favourite cake brand is coming back to Kolkata and we can’t keep calm!

Missing the delicious plum cakes from Monginis during Christmas? Fret not, you’ll probably be able to start the New Years with a slice of heaven from every Bangali’s favourite cake shop.

“Mon-er jinish-er bhasha alada hoyna”
-Shreya Bonnerjee

Every bite from a Monginis cake seems like a slice of nostalgia. We all grew up with the beloved cake shop that catered to all our needs. Every birthday would be incomplete without a cake from Monginis and a party without their chicken patties. Our hearts broke when Monginis left the City of Joy and Mio Amore came swooping in, but the news of Monginis coming back is probably the best thing we’ve heard in a while!

Mio amore jei chinish, Abar asche Mon’er jinish, monginis”
-Kaustav Das


Like us, if you were of the notion that Mio Amore and Monginis are the same, then here’s a clarification from the horse’s mouth.

This Twitter user summed it up best:


  1. I have known and been their customer since early seventies when they opened their business in Bombay and I was their first day customer at their Bandra West outlet on Waterfield road just next to Moti Mahal. I can never forget monginis. I was confused about mio Amore but it stands clarified now. However, the taste of cakes – pastries in particular – of Mumbai monginis was different. Good that monginis is back in Kolkata and I have good wishes for them.

  2. Dear Ms. Ipsita, i was eagerly waiting for this good news, thanks a lot for sharing the same, by the way as far i know Monginis again can start doing business here in Kolkata onwards from May 2018 as per Court verdict, therefore keen to know when i would be able to start communications with their local officials to become a franchise of them, if you have any knowledge or else get some info regarding the same i would be highly obliged if you share the same with me, looking forward to it.
    Best Regards

  3. Please provide us the details as soon as you enter ur business in Kolkata we are eagerly waiting to be your franchise


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