MotoNomads & the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride


Since the ‘Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride’ event is tomorrow, in order to give our readers a more candid feeling about the people working behind the scenes and the concept of  DGR itself, we got in conversation with the Secretary of the MotoNomads− Suvanjan Banerjee

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 Here’s a shortened excerpt from our rather long conversation:

Q. Tell us about MotoNomads, about its inception.

A. An idea struck us in the few months of2013. An idea that began to grow and develop. What is a motorcycle to us? Is it a passion? A medicine? An outlet for emotions? A freedom? No, it is something far greater. We revel in the spirit of motorcycling, the sheer joy of being on a bike, going slow, going fast, learning, adapting and improving. The total sense of freedom, of learning new skills, of going places, of seeing something new, of making new friends. This is a collaborative effort to form a community that celebrates this passion and the camaraderie, ultimately giving us a way of sharing the very essence, with like-minded people. This is MotoNomads.
The members of this community are people who live and breathe motorcycles, and have been so right from birth. The average riding experience of a MotoNomad is 10 years, and all have taken up riding as a way of life.
The community was formed on January 1st, 2014.

Q. What is the main agenda of this biking community/organisation?

A. We formed a close knit group, to further the cause of motorcycling to the best of our ability. We feel the bond of man and machine surpasses mundane objects like popular culture, and objectification often done by colloquial culture. We exist to portray how we see things.
We are into Sport-touring, moto-graphy, travelogues, video-blogs and a lot more.

Q. Given the innumerable biking communities in the city as well as across the country, how would you differentiate yours from the herd?

A. The team at MotoNomads is different because every member is an important link in the chain, which ultimately comes together to further the belief of the team rather than the belief of an individual. Furthermore, we always seek a unique blend in every endeavour we undertake, and make sure the stories we discover are worth being told.

Q. How and why did the idea of putting Kolkata on the distinguished gentleman’s ride map come up to you guys?

A. Well, we have been following the ‘Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride’ since its very inception. The motorcycle community in this city is into serious riding, and there are a few professional riders as well, but the culture is still in a developing stage. You can find many riders/riding groups, hosting events/rides for various social causes, but a unique concept such as DGR, is something which is unthinkable and unprecedented compared to such events/rides, and thus we wanted to introduce this idea to the fellow bikers of the town. And what better way to enlighten the biker folks than to present the idea in its truest form.

Pune has been hosting this since last year. And though it raised a lot of eyebrows, but it attracted a lot more motorcyclists to this cause.
The image/reputation of motorcyclists in this country are not in a good state, and several efforts by numerous motorcycle clubs in this country are slowly changing the conception in people’s minds, and this ride is directly aimed at those people who think of motorcyclists as hooligans.

Q. Tell us what do you aim to achieve through this mega event in the city, what repercussions do you expect it to have on the entire biking community in Kolkata?

A. We will try to be as true to the agenda as possible, though we lack custom motorcycles or big-bulky cruisers which comprises the majority of the line-up in other countries, but there are several factors which hampers us from acquiring these kind of motorcycles.
This is a global approach which is expected to have a long lasting impact of the biking community of this city, as an event of this magnitude and importance is not a common phenomenon. Though, we are not expecting a large gathering on the very first year, but we are sure, that many would follow suit if we continue with DGR, in the future.
Dressing up like gentlemen/gentlewomen, and riding motorcycles do not go hand in hand, and this is one of the things we want to achieve. As I discussed earlier, we would also like to add to the efforts, to better the reputation, of people of our kind and we do not want us to be misunderstood.
As DGR raises funds to help find a cure to prostate cancer, and several individuals across India have already contributed to the same, we want to give it a better exposure in this part of the country, as this is something which is mostly unheard of.
There is no entry fee, and contributions are not mandatory, but at the end of the ride we will surely talk about the ways in which one can contribute to the funds managed by DGR for the aforementioned cause.
And, as always, we would also put immense emphasis on safety, as this is the most basic thing, one should learn and adapt before getting on a motorized two-wheeler.
Although it’s a slow process, but we are sure that the spirit and dedication of a handful of gentlemen, can change the mind-set of an entire motorcycling community/everyday culture, which would then result in an advent of a lot more mature riders who would take up motorcycling as a serious lifestyle rather than just a hobby.


Here’s looking forward to having you join us in your finest attire with the purest heart this Sunday morning at 8 am, rendezvous at Princep Ghat. For more details click here.


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