#PyaarEkDhokaHai! Single AF on Valentine’s Day? This Restaurant Has Got Your Back With Unlimited Chicken & Burgers!


The Pyaar Ek Dhoka Hai Revolution has begun!
So if you’re single this Valentine’s Day, don’t worry!

Are you dreading Valentine’s Day because you’re single? Just because you’re not in a relationship doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the day of love! Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be only for couples, it can be a day where you treat yo’ self! And in that case, Mr. Fat Bird has got you covered. Enjoy unlimited fried chicken, burgers, strips at Mr. Fat Bird at only INR 389!

Unlimited Fried Chicken?

Yes, you read that right! Fried chicken is true love, fried chicken won’t break your heart, fried chicken actually died for you! So come celebrate the love for fried chicken with Mr. Fat Bird this Valentine’s Day.

What’s on offer?

Unlimited chicken popcorn, burgers, french fries, strips, fried chicken and more at only INR 389!


February 14 to February 21, 2018.


Mr Fat Bird

86A, Shakespeare Sarani Rd, Dakshineswar, Elgin, Kolkata 700017



 Say ‘Pyaar Ek Dhoka Hai’ while ordering your food at Mr. Fat Bird and get a special gift!

Who would have thought being single on Valentine’s Day would turn out to be a good thing? Enjoy your share of unlimited fried chicken, and the best part is, you don’t have to share your food with anyone! The Joey in you will be really pleased.

So take some time out this Valentine’s Day and love yourself. And of course, fried chicken!


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