Mysterious Dog-Killing Blue Bottles


They say Calcutta is a slow city as far as bringing about a change is concerned, but in the past month, successfully applying all the theories of communication, a grapevine smartly resulted into a bandwagon effect.

No we are not talking about an expensive advertising proposal.
We are referring to those mysterious bluish-purple bottles hanging outside countless homes in the city.

dogs killing blue bottle

So, what are these? What purpose do they serve? And more importantly who has put them there?

Well, a short research conducted by our team gave us the understanding that these bottles supposedly ‘prevent stray dogs from entering these houses’.

dogs killing blue bottle

So what are they again? These bottles are just our regular soft drink bottles containing water heavily diluted with Ujala, the nation’s favourite fabric whitener.

Research says that dogs unlike humans have only dichromatic colour perception. Simply put, they have only yellow and blue sensitive cones in their retina. And blue colour, for animals, symbolizes poison.

dogs killing blue bottle

Now comes the bigger question of who has put them there?

Well, we believe that it began with a simple sales gimmick by vendors of the product and it has now evolved into a successful word of mouth strategy, for sure increasing consumption and hence sales.

But the sad parts is, while the citizens of Kolkata throw numerous opinions at the drop of a hat and are poles apart on everything from politics to movies, the very same people have been united by the common love (read hatred) of street dogs.

dogs killing blue bottle

How effective have these bottles been in keeping the stray dogs away is yet to be determined, but why is an animal, which is “man’s best friend” everywhere across the globe, so hated in our city of joy?

So let’s make a change today. Let us all go out there and remove those dim blue bottles hanging outside our houses as a sign that we don’t hate the stray dogs.


    • A noble thought indeed, but sticking to doing what we are good at, we are soon going to showcase the people who share the common love for these special friends. Keep an eye out for it.

  1. Dear Mr Sohail,
    Just thinking out loud… how do you feel about a poor man having 10 to 15 kids? He wont be able to raise all of them. Its not that I dont love dogs. However, as much as I love them, I also understand that like uncivilised humans, untrained dogs can be very dangerous. There are thousands of cases of dog bites and diseases from them. After 10 pm it becomes to pass through streets. I Had couple of motorcycle accidents because suddenly a dog came on the road out of no where,lost my pinky finger, broke a couple of bones and hospitalised for 2 weeks.
    If you want you can keep all the stray dogs at your place. If you cant accomodate them dont ask others to accommodate with them. Dogs and other animals should be loved and they should have proper homes. Letting them go stray endangers their life and ours.

  2. Arey bro it is not to keep dogs away. coz i have seen dogs sitting just below blue bottles and chilling. its purpose is to keep them from shitting on the roads and in front of the houses, it works wonder.

  3. This was amazing. This somehow removed my quest of dis blue bottle mystery. Nowhere did i find such a convincing thing. I appreciate it highly.

  4. We don’t hate stay dogs but we hate dogs shitting on our passages and lawns!! The blue prevents the dog from shitting in the area. This article itself throws the wrong reason!!

    If the writer promises to clean the shit then we are fine I guess!!

  5. For god’s sake get your facts right before you post things! This isn’t supposed to kill dogs or keep them from shitting around. It’s carbolic acid or phenol, which is employed for keeping snakes at bay. Get your facts right before posting things that are sure to create an uproar among a certain sect of social media users!


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