Man Sues Event Management Company After ‘Sensational Brazilian Dancers’ were Not There in New Year’s Party


While the rest of Kolkata is busy asking each other what their 31st night plans are, in a shocking turn of events, Sayantan, a techie working in an MNC in Kolkata decided to knock the doors of the consumer court for an alleged 420 scam done on him in last year’s New Year party.

new year party


Today morning, Sayantan was seen brazenly walking up the stairs of the court with a cut out of an advertisement in his hand which read ‘Groove to the music by international DJ Ash C and a Samba Dance performance by ‘Sensational Brazilian Dancers’ by the poolside as you welcome in 2015.’

When asked what the matter was, Sayantan said to our correspondent “Last year on the 27th of December a colleague of mine had shown me this advertisement of a 31st Night New Year’s eve party. I paid Rs 5,000 to buy the passes for this party hoping to be ‘cool’ and step into the New Year in a new avatar with the Brazilian dancers. But the actual party was something else altogether”

He went on to say “I waited all night to spot the ‘Sensational Brazilian Dancers’, but all I could see was the regular Dance Bangla Dance type dancers. And the worst bit was that so called DJ Ash C, he turned out to be Ashutosh Chatterjee, a junior from my engineering college days.”

Boltu, a friend of Sayantan who had also accompanied him to the party said “We were even promised elaborate live fireworks and a countdown but instead, we were shown Sony TV in a projector screen and the fireworks were done by some other property adjacent to ours.”

“We even updated our Tinder profiles hoping to make new ‘friends’ there, we thought if not anything else, at least we would get to click a selfie with the girl in the swim suit by the pool side as pictured in the advertisement” said Sayantan and Boltu who co incidentally are still ‘Single’.

This year, when they saw a similar advertisement, they decided to take it upon themselves to not let such a thing happen to other folks.



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