The Beacon Kolkata Guide To Surviving New Year’s Eve at Park Street


New Year’s Eve in Kolkata is incomplete without a visit to the iconic Park Street. Dotted with restaurants, shops, clubs and bars, Park Street is the main hub of all things ‘cool’ during NYE. The whole of Park Street is adorned with colourful lights during this time of the year, and apart from adding that extra oomph to your photographs (bokehs, anyone?), the whole area just looks magical and literally lit AF! New Year’s Eve at Park Street is legendary!

However, New Year’s Eve at Park Street can get hella crowded due to everyone flocking there to be a part of the revelry. Worry not, team Beacon Kolkata has got your back, as we have made a survival guide for anyone going to Park Street on NYE. So read on to know the insider’s tips and tricks and move around flawlessly through the crowd!

Tip #1 

Like the rest of the cool folks, you too want to drive down to spend New Year’s Eve at Park Street with the fam, right? No problem!
The secret to reaching Park Street is in approaching the road from the commercial zones.

And while parking is a hurdle, there are always lesser known lanes and pockets where you can park your park for a couple of hours.

Click here to read our detailed story along with maps of the best routes and shortcuts to take at Park Street on NYE.

Tip #2

On New Year’s eve, the trains will start running as per the usual Sunday schedule, that is, from 9.50 am. But the last trains will originate at 12.15 midnight. As a result of this, the total number of trains available on that day will be 172 instead of 110 trains that Metro runs on Sundays.

Tip #3

Reach Park Street early to avoid the midnight rush, let’s say, around 5pm. Kill some time till the ball drops, at places like the Cha Bar and Hobby Centre.

Tip #4

Although the weather may seem chilly, we would suggest against wearing heavy woolens. Chances are, you’ll end up feeling hot because of the crowd. Wear light woolens or layer it up – don’t forget to arrive in style.

Tip #5

Walk down to Mullickbazar or Chowringhee to book an Ola/Uber on New Year’s Eve at Park Street.

Tip #6

Shortcuts are an essential when you need to evade a crowd. These hacks will be useful in helping you get past the crowd on New Year’s Eve at Park Street.

The shortcut pathway inside Karnani mansion

While approaching Park Street from Mirza Ghalib Street, take the inconspicuous lane after crossing the  Hyundai showroom. Walk past the hoard of cars parked through the elite driveway, take a left and voila – you’ve reached Kusum Kathi Rolls right next to next to Oly Pub.

If you’re approaching Park Street from Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road, look for the entrance to a building opposite F block, adjacent to the ICICI bank building. Walk throught the alleyway and take a left. Walk a bit again to come out on Park Street, bypassing the Allen Park crowd.


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