No Helmet No Petrol – You Can Take A Donkey To The Water But You Can’t Make Him Drink


Scene 1

Location: A petrol pump on CIT Road

>Cool dude rides into the petrol pump with his scooty.
>No helmet on his head
>Petrol pump attendant gestures towards the flex “NO HELMET NO PETROL”
>Cool dude reassures Petrol pump guy “Chill bro. I got this”
**All eyes on cool dude. What’s going to happen? Will he manage to re-fuel? As he gets closer to the booth, everybody is tense. This is the moment of truth**
>Cool dude opens seat/carrier of scooty
>in one swift motion, takes out a helmet lying inside> wears the helmet> opens the tank> re-fuels> open the helmet> places it back inside the carrier> starts his scooty> coolly leaves
**Everyone still in awe**



Scene 2

Location: Petrol pump at Manicktalla, while Beacon Kolkata was having a chat with the Petrol pump workers

>Not so cool guys on a bike ride inside petrol pump
>Not wearing helmets but prayer skull caps keeping in mind it was a Friday but way after prayer hours
>Not so cool guy 1 to Beacon Kolkata, “Bhai can I borrow your helmet once. I need to fill petrol”
>Beacon Kolkata, “Sir, here’s Rs 400, please go and buy a helmet from BP Roadies, it’s just down the road”
>Not so cool guy 1 to his pillion: Bhai, he seems to be with the cops, let’s go away
>They ride away, nearly hitting a pedestrian on the way out



Scene 3

Location: Trimurti Petrol pump

>Huge flexes of ‘No Helmet No Petrol’ all around
>All people on bikes wearing helmets, queueing up to fill petrol
>Things seem to be in order. But then
>A cool dude enters the petrol pump on his bike, without his helmet
>All eyes on him. What trick does this guy have up his sleeve?
>Everybody stops everything they were doing
>Beacon Kolkata cameras point towards him
>Cool guy gets scared and leaves


“You can take a donkey to the water, but you can’t make him drink it. This is the exact situation in the city right now. Authorities in Kolkata are making an effort to promote safety in the streets while the citizens are finding new loopholes everyday” said Rajeev Karmakar a petrol pump operative in central Kolkata.


While the police are leaving no stone unturned to implement the ‘Safe Drive Save Life’ campaign, Honourable Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee too has been taking rampant steps from her side to spread the word of safety awareness.

“Personally I am very surprised at the skepticism shown by people to this welcome initiative. I completely agree that it feels irritating whenever a policeman pulls me over to check my documents. But I believe it is a very small price to pay if it rids my city of the motorcycling nuisance. It is easy to complain about the authorities in Kolkata but it is only when you spend time in another city that you realize the hard work put in by the traffic police of Kolkata to make the roads of our city safe” said Ramneek Singh an avid biking enthusiast.


A senior manager of an HP Petrol pump in central Kolkata said “There has been a positive change among people. I have noticed more and more two wheelers embracing the rule. Apart for a handful few totally unaware of this campaign, almost all seem to be following the norms”

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