This Kid Was Born In An Ola In Kolkata, Here’s Her Story


“Born in aN Ola Cab”

Of late, it seems babies have a habit of making their entrance into the world in the most dramatic manner, at the most unlikeliest of places.

Ola BabyUnusual births, from a baby born on a plane to one born in a train and then the most recent video breaking the internet, of a newborn walking just minutes after being delivered, has got us pondering over the delivery situation of these wonder babies.

Though these situations of unusual births at odd places are not something unheard of; but to have this situation in your own city has something oddly satisfying about it.

When we think of the arrival of a newborn, we picture these bundle of joys wrapped carefully by hospital staff and brought to the anxiously awaiting family in the hospital ward, or at least that is how it normally happens but the fact that women can go into labor just about any time and at any place is a thought that is a little unsettling and daunting to say the least.

This is exactly what happened last year in Kolkata, when a woman went into labour at the wee hours of the morning while being rushed to hospital for delivery but instead her baby girl decided to greet the world in the most unusual way. This baby made her entry into the world in an OLA cab in June, 2016.

Ola Baby

This baby girl took this OLA ad campaign quite literally.

Team Beacon Kolkata got chatty with the mother of the OLA baby about the nitty-gritty of that fateful day.

When and how did this situation occur?

Chenel – Last year on the 7th June, early morning about 4 a.m, I started getting a lot of pain so my sister booked an OLA cab from her residence, where I was, to Ramakrishna Mission Seva Pratishthan, Hazra, which is not very far away. We had already reached the premises of the hospital, in fact the car had also stopped and we were waiting at the entrance, while my younger sister went rushing to get the stretcher, by then the pain had got too bad, I could not take it anymore, before I knew it, I had already delivered my baby girl in the OLA cab.Ola Baby Who helped you deliver?

Chenel – No one. By the time the nurse rushed to the car, my baby girl was already born but the nurse helped me relax and then cut the umbilical cord in the car itself. After which they took baby to the corridor and cleaned her, made her cry, while I was still in the OLA.

What was the reaction of the driver?

Chenel – it was the first day of Ramadan and the cab driver was a Muslim, when he saw me in such a condition he very politely got off the cab and faced his back towards us. Honestly, he had mixed reactions. He did not know to be happy at seeing something like this or sad at the condition of the cab. Later, he did mention that he felt lucky to have a baby born in his cab on the first day of the holy month of Ramadan.

Ola BabyWhat was the reaction of the people around you?

Chenel – luckily, there were not many people there at that part of the morning but the few that were there surrounded the OLA cab with astonishment at what they were seeing.

My family members had witnessed everything first-hand and they were scared as well as happy. My husband was not in town and when he heard of my delivery he was shocked but then relaxed when he got to know that it was a healthy baby.

Ola BabyFrom that day onwards, till the time I was there in that hospital, the entire hospital, (staff, patients and their families) referred to my baby as OLA baby or taxi baby. My visitors had no problem finding my ward or bed number as everyone seemed to know where the OLA baby was being kept. I was the talk of the hospital. It was very embarrassing. I was known as ‘OLA ka Maa’.

My family members still call Chloe OLA baby.

Ola BabyNot trying to dilute the gravity of the matter but births like these are amusing stories that can be told and retold for generations to come. After all, being (nick) named after a cab company is not a usual affair.


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