Ancient Legendary Chinese Restaurants in Kolkata Beyond Any Review Or Rating! (And Where To Find Them)


Kolkata may be obsessed with the Aloo wala Biryani but ask a Kolkatan to survive a week without Chinese food and you’ll see their face go pale with the horror.

Yes, the Hakka Noodles, the insanely spicy slices of tender chicken and the all-time humble companion- Steamed Momos are an essential part of the life of the Kolkata boy/girl.

But today, trace the roots of this Chinese gift to the city of Joy and take a journey back in time by visiting some of the oldest Chinese Restaurants in Kolkata. And what safer place to begin our search from other than old China Town itself!

Now these restaurants are not your regular newbies with fresh menus and posh décor. They bask in the glory of their rustic charm and like any authentic restaurant, they let their food do the talking.

Here’s the list of the legendary old Chinese Restaurants in Kolkata!


Eau Chew

img-20170105-wa0004Age: Approximately 90 years

Best-selling dishes & specialities: Chimney soup, Josephine noodles (named after the owner of the place), Roast Pork Chilli, Steamed Soya Fish.

Crowd: Office crowd from the surrounding area and also people come from across the city. They are flooded with outdoor catering bookings.

Address: 12, Ganesh Chandra Avenue. Kolkata 700013

Contact: 033 2237 8260


Chung Wah

img-20170105-wa0002Age: Approximately 120 years

Best-selling dishes & specialities: Chicken Fried Rice, Chilli Chicken

Crowd: Mostly office crowd from the surrounding area

Address: 13-A&B Chittranjan Avenue. Kolkata 700072

Contact: 033 2237 7003


Tung Nam

img-20170105-wa0017Age: Approximately 17 years

Best-selling dishes & specialities: Chilli pork. People mostly try out pork dishes in this place.

Crowd: Office crowd from the surrounding area, local residents, people come from all across Kolkata, they get a lot of outdoor catering bookings.

Address: 24, Chattawala Gully

Contact: 033 2237 4434



img-20170105-wa0013Age: Approximately 60 years

Best-selling dishes & specialities: People mostly try out pork dishes in this place.

Crowd: Office crowd from the surrounding area, local residence.

Address: 16 Black Burn Lane. Kolkata 700073

Contact: +91 9813553502

Chin Wah

img-20170105-wa0020Age: Approximately 30 years

Best-selling dishes & specialties: Special wanton, Sliced Chilli Pork, Fresh-made Momo.

Crowd: Office crowd from the surrounding area, local residents and family.

Address: 2A Temple Street. Kolkata 700072

Contact: 033 2237 6302


The Legendary Trail




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