Who are we?

We are a mixed bag of people from different cultures and interests with a common love known as Kolkata and a single mission of becoming the Kolkata’s favourite online magazine.

Just an online magazine of Kolkata?

Nope. We are much more.
What was once the capital of the nation a century back is today a city wedged between a plethora of ancient cultures and first world mannerisms. Amidst this paradigm shift, we pick up daily, offbeat and intrinsic topics related to cultures, cuisines, events and people in Kolkata, mostly the ones which are often looked by without a second glance in the hustle of a working day in the city.

Too nerdy? Well, we try and uncover anything and everything in Kolkata!

Why we exist?

As we are forced to witness the social decadence of the mainstream media in the city, we exist to fight a forlorn battle to make sense to the madness called Kolkata.

Nerdy again? We go the distance, meet the people, visit the places and generate core Kolkata content to present it to you!