Sewing Their Way To The Web, Tailorkraft – The Latest Online Tailoring Service In Kolkata


Now Get Online Premium Tailoring And Fashion Designing Services At Your Home, In Kolkata

Amidst balancing our hectic work schedule and social life, we tend to have very little time left for any other thing. Come some special occasion and we see ourselves running to the most sort-after person – the tailors. Not because we love them so much but for the sole reason that we are rarely satisfied with our tailor made clothes in one go.

Let’s break this process down- first we visit them with our fabrics and take a lot of time and effort to explain our complicated Manish Malhotra designs to them, then we are asked to pick it up after a week or so and when the time comes, we go to their shop only to be told that the garment is not ready or even if ready, there are no trial rooms so you need to take it back home, try the clothing, if there are any fit issues then you need to go back to the tailor, explain the problem and come back another day and the process goes on, phew!

Now, where do we have that kind of luxury of time? Most of us want to look our best with the latest trend but we don’t want to invest that kind of time, effort or money on shopping only to see some random person wear the same clothing.

Here, Tailorkraft comes to our rescue.

Tailorkraft is an online premium tailoring and fashion designing service provided at the convenience of your own home at a flexible hour of your choice (anytime between 9 a.m – 9 p.m)

Once an appointment is made through their website, app, call or WhatsApp, Tailorkraft’s Fashion Designers will visit you at your home to offer style consultancy and get your measurements. On the basis of your need, they will take your fabric and note down your preferences. Service will be provided on need basis – professional, daily wear, weddings. So the cost will also increase accordingly.

They specifically send a qualified female designer for ladies and male designer for gents (This saves you the embarrassment from being measured on a road side shop.) Your garments are then stitched and delivered at your doorstep within a day (in case of urgency) or usually between 3-4 days. Payment is done after delivery through cash, cheques, bank transfer and paytm.

Your measurements are stored for future use so that next time you order you might not need a home visit. Each customer will have their own profile on the app.

They provide service at a reasonable cost (starts from 300 onward) and guarantee a perfect fit. Alterations are also done but it needs to be clubbed with other orders. What more? In case they spoil your fabric, they will provide you with the same/similar fabric from their tie-up vendors (only if you retain the bill).

“We provide a platform where the busy individuals get to tailor make their clothes by the best tailors in a reliable, hassle-free, time-saving and convenient manner.” –  Tamajit Mukherjee, Tailorkraft CEO


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