We Went Around Exploring New Town on PEDL Bicycles & Look What We Found! #PEDLwithBeaconKolkata


It was a pleasant winter afternoon. The sun was up in the sky but it was one of those days when you enjoy the winter heat.
Our friends were out enjoying brunches and ‘checking-in’ at parties and what was Team Beacon up to?

We were all set to explore the spick and span lanes of New Town, Rajarhat on bicycles!
You read that right.

And mind you, not just regular bicycles, we’re talking about the savvy new ones from PEDL. Click here to know more about them.

PEDL what?

PEDL is the swanky new initiative by Zoom Car to promote eco-friendly transportation in urban Kolkata by providing bicycles on rent.

The Plan

We love exploring the pristine streets of New Town Rajarhat but the experience always felt passive behind the comfort of a car’s windshield so when we got the opportunity to do the same on bicycles we were excited just by the sound of it!


The Route

The idea was to pick up the bikes from the PEDL stand opposite Novotel and set off towards ECO Park and explore the lanes, by lanes enroute, all the way till the scenic route to Café Ekante.

For the ones that are unaware, the last mile drive towards Café Ekante is probably the most scenic of roads that Kolkata has to offer.
With lush green wilderness on one side and the serenity of the vast Eco Park lake on the other, this hidden piece of land is what dream drives are made of.

The bikes

Now mind you, the bicycles on offer by PEDL aren’t your regular everyday bikes.
From special tyres to GPS enabled tracking systems, the green bicycles may look simple but that’s where all the simplicity ends!
Watch this space for a detailed info on PEDL cycles!

The PEDL Experience

The moment we set our eyes on the bicycles, we knew it was going to be a fun-filled day! Little did we know however that the joy of riding the cycles would bring out the child in us all over again!

Here’s what Team Beacon Kolkata had to say about the PEDL Experience


I’ve been into sports throughout my school life and riding the PEDL cycles today took me on a trip down memory lane!


In the daily hustle and bustle we often forget the small joys of life. Riding these simple cycles today brought me back to my roots


I’m an avid tourer on the motorcycle but after today i’m seriously considering touring on the cycle!
In fact i’m planning to buy one soon


I was never allowed to ride the motorcycle, but i think i got pretty close to that feeling today on these cycles!


I love exploring the city on the motorcycle But i think i just found the best way to do so after riding the PEDL cycles 

As the sun started setting behind us, each of us had something to take away from the tiring yet fruitful day!

Our PEDL experience 


When do you plan to get hold of these cool new bikes? Click here to RIDE them Now!



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