Ride Around Eco Park In Style With PEDL Cycles In Kolkata On A Romantic Date With Bae!


There is a pleasant nip in the air as Kolkata is experiencing it’s longest cold wave in 14 years; and this is the perfect time to spend some quality time alone with your significant other. But are you bored of going to the same cliched places together and are craving for a small and simple getaway with bae? We’ve got an idea for you – and not only will it add to the romantic date but will also help you go green. Yes, we’re talking about spending time with your significant other riding around in Eco Park in the coolest way possible – on PEDL cycles in Kolkata!

Ride around Eco Park with the coolest bikes in town – PEDL cycles !

A date at Eco Park is the perfect way to spend some time with your special someone. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city and away from the clichéd candle night dinners, escape to Eco Park and enjoy the serendipity! 

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After a long list of activities that you can do with your partner at Eco Park, you can rent  PEDL cycles in Kolkata at Eco Park and ride around in style.  PEDL is the swanky new initiative by Zoom Car to promote eco-friendly transportation in urban Kolkata by providing bicycles on rent. Go green with these PEDL cycles in Kolkata and reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying some time with bae.

Currently PEDL cycles in Kolkata are available at New Town Action Area I. They plan to spread all across town very soon, starting with Salt Lake. Currently over 300 green cycles are functional.

So what’s process of getting PEDL cycles in Kolkata?

It’s pretty simple. All you’ve got to do is log in to their website and link your Paytm wallet to your account. Payment is done completely online, and after that you can unlock the bikes through the mobile by scanning the QR code. It is basically a man-power- less operation and hence they operate 24×7 as well. And talk about it being affordable – you can rent bicycles for INR 1 for half an hour!

Pick & Drop PEDL cycles in Kolkata anywhere you want!

All PEDL cycle rental stations are pick-up and drop-off points. This means, if you pick up a bike from point A, you can drop it to point C as well. There are no limitations as to where you can and cannot go with your bike, as long you eventually drop it at a stand.
Now mind you, the bicycles on offer by PEDL aren’t your regular everyday bikes.
From special tyres to GPS enabled tracking systems, the green bicycles may look simple but that’s where all the simplicity ends!

So there you go – now you can impress your significant other by going green and riding around Eco Park in PEDL cycles in Kolkata! Enough of knowing about the surging levels of pollution – now it’s time to do something about it – and it can be as simple as using green vehicles on a date!

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