People of interest in Kolkata you need to know – 1


In the quest of finding people of interest in Kolkata, you don’t really have to search far and wide. If you simply take the time to notice, you’ll feel each lane and each person that you see is trying to tell a tale. From the old paan dukan wala who has witnessed decades of change from the corner of his shop to the delivery boy on the first day of his new job, Kolkata is made up of a consortium of culture and people, each interesting in their own way.
Here’s presenting the first set of people of interest in Kolkata that you need to know about

Delivering Happiness

Soumen Mallick, near Loreto House

delivery boy in kolkata

Earning from your Bhannd of Cha

Arjun Pratap Prajapati, Dakhin Dari near Lake Town

bhaand maker kolkata

Hand – pulling Kolkata

Ajgar Ali, Nawab Abdur Rahman Street

rickshaw wala kolkata

Some real heroes need to wear their capes

Ashfaq Ali, at a birthdy party

chota bheem kolkata

Friends from the hills

Zubeda, winter wear market at Wellington



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