Here’s Some Ideas for the Perfect Gift you can give your Sister this Rakshabandhan


As a brother, it becomes your birth right to annoy your sister as much as you can for your entire life. Whether it is about something as small as a small piece of chocolate or a big bowl of biriyani, you are always thinking of ways to steal it away from her. Fight with her all you want, but you cannot deny that your sister is the first best friend you ever had despite her seemingly unending tantrums.

This does not mean your sister is the most innocent sibling in the family. They know how to get on your nerves by making you run useless errands for them and getting you into trouble with your parents for nothing!

Keeping all these shenanigans aside, you know exactly how much you love your sister. Even though you might be absent-minded or not prepared for this Rakshabandhan, that does not mean she doesn’t deserve something amazing. After all, this is the one day you can really show your love for your sister without sounding cheesy and embarrassing yourself!

Here are some really nice gifts your sister would love this Rakshabandhan –

A beautiful jewellery set from Lavanya Jewellery Boutique at Metro Plaza

You might not know a lot of jewellery, but you definitely know that your sister goes crazy for a pair of jhumkas. If you know what her favourite outfit is, you will easily be able to find the perfect matching jewellery set and she will definitely thank you for it!

A gift voucher from her favourite beauty parlour

Even though it might seem that your sister is never satisfied with the haircut she gets, but she surely has that one parlour that she trusts with all her life. A day full of pampering in that parlour was probably something she has always been wishing for. So why not give her the best relaxing day she has always craved for?


The one treat she has always been waiting for –

There must be at least one new fancy restaurant in the city she has been eyeing for a long time. So an amazing lunch or dinner treat from her loving brother at that same restaurant is something she will surely remember for a long time.


That one gadget she desperately needs –

Has she been complaining about her new phone’s poor battery, or how her broken earphones are always bothering her? So you can get her a new power bank for her forever-dying phone or a fancy pair of Bluetooth headphones that will give her one less thing to complain about.


A set of bags of different sizes –

She might already have more bags than you think anyone needs, but she is always on the lookout for how she can carry more things with her. So a set of three or four bags with different sizes and storage space is the best way to spoil her for choices when she is thinking about a nice bag to take while going out.


With these ideas in your head, you can never go wrong trying to impress your sister this year at Rakshabandhan. So which special gift will you be gifting your sister?


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