Pet Lovers In Kolkata Now You Can Travel Around The City With Your 4-Legged-Friends With Ease! Pet Taxi is Here



Simply woof-derful!

Here is some great news for the Kolkata pet owners. Now you can go for rides with your pets!

No reason to leave these little hearts alone anymore.

You don’t need a private vehicle to carry them around; we have a more publicly available one too for those of you who are fed-up of the ‘no pets allowed’ sentence.



No leaving them behind anymore

We understand your grief when you are left stranded during a pet emergency or your disappointment when you can’t take them for that family picnic only to come home and feel a little guilty to see how much they missed you when you were away.

Now you can bid goodbye to those days as travelling around the city with your pet has become more convenient.

The Saviours

A pet friendly couple (Nitesh and Manisha) has launched a pet cab service in Kolkata just a few days back.

Presently they have four Maruti Suzuki A.C cabs available for this service with pet friendly drivers so that you and your pet will not be disappointed. You can now book a ride at your convenience and expect a pick up and drop at door step service. 24 hours prior booking is mandatory. There is no waiting charges and no matter where your location and destination within the city, they will drop you with ease.


How to book your ride?

Contact: 8697370686

Price: Rs. 25 per Km.

Pet parents, now is your chance to ferry your furry friends around town.

We have saved you the trouble of hunting for pet friendly local travel options because our little friends deserve some adventure too.

Long drives with your pets can be more comforting than we realize.


  1. Is the service still available? I really want to book a cab for tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. I would really like if there is any feedback from your end. Please contact me asap.

  2. Is this service still available? I tried calling the number mentioned, but unable to reach them. Any alternate number?


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