10 Best Phuchkas In Kolkata! The Epic Phuchkawala List.


We Kolkatans take pride in our Phuchkas.” What fun are golgappas?” we say.  The art of mixing the aloo and tok jol in perfect proportion has been mastered solely by the phuchkawalas of Bengal. Good regular phuchkas all have similar reasons why they are good. Very authentic phuchkas with no pretentions, regular tok jhaal phuchkas, well blended potato mash, well seasoned and perfectly spicy and acidic.

Our friends at Hungry Hallows criss-crossed the city from Salt Lake to Alipore to Gariahat to Hiland Park to Central in search for Kolkata’s best phuchkas. They tasted phuchkas from 57 different phuchkawalas and here’s their top 10!

The most essential part of a phuchka stall is the phuchkawala. He is entirely responsible for the satisfaction of your phuchka craving. Hence of all the phuchka stalls we have likes have a really nice cooperating phuchkawala. Here are few phuchkas they really liked.

1. Opposite Lake Mall


This is a must visit because it does a lot of small things right to give you the perfect blend of tangy sweet madness. The use of kagji lebu works wonders to give you the perfect phuchka. Also, the guy is ever smiling. Located just opposite Lake Mall.

2. City Centre ( CHAURASIYA)

Very easy to locate and is almost always crowded, they serve normal phuchka and Pakori phuchka.  To be honest the normal phuchkas are far better than their special Pakori phuchka.

3. Bada Phuchka wala


Well does size matter? We don’t know. What we do know is this guy’s phuchkas are the biggest babies in the game. But what we loved was the fact that the taste was great as well. Jaw Stretching Good!

4. Hiland park phuchka 

This phuchkawala sells on a van just in the corner of the DAMRO showroom near Hiland Park Metropolis Mall. His phuchkas are a staple both for the shoppers and locals. Simple, lemony, fragrant.

5. Dakshinapan Rajendra


The thing with Dakshinapan Rajendra’s phuchka is his expertise in making perfect phuchkas, be it normal, sweet or mixed. His phuchkas are pricey but they are worth every penny. They serve normal, sweet, mixed, dahi phuchka and alu dam phuchka.

6. Outside Mahadevi Birla Shishu Vihar


The timings for this phuchka stall is very odd as it is coordinated with the timings of the school. So he is there till 3.30 pm maximum. A very patient phuchka man. He will listen to your every idiosyncratic suggestions to modifications of flavours.  Very popular with the students.

7. Deshapriya More


A tiny stall and very easy to find.  Very decent simple phuchkas, and there is sweet water available at request. Very good for regular phuchka cravings.

8. South City


Selling just outside the mall, this guy is pricey, serving only 3 for Rs. 10. Catering mainly to the mall crowd, he makes our list because of his perfect use of pudina to give that minty freshness to our street favourite.

9. Opposite Kasba Rathtala Mini Bus stand

The tok jol here is really really good and so are the phuchka and they are very reasonably priced.

10. The phuchkawala beside your home


The person who gives you 6 maybe even 7 for Rs. 10, the phuchkas that have helped you tide over heartbreaks, celebrate with friends. The person who is available even at 9 pm for your cravings or even the young phuchkawala who is secretly in love with you. However comprehensive a list we make, we wont be able to beat this guy.

Source: www.hungryhallows.com


  1. There is one more puchka wala in south Kolkata who is so famous that he has appointed one assistant for himself. And that is near ST.Joseph and Mary school. In the lane just opposite Hindustan Sweets,New alipur.
    The lane is now known as phucha gali for that particular puchka wala . You should once try there.


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